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Java EE 7 - Angular - Sample Application

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How to run ?


Codenvy ( is a cloud environment for coding, building, and debugging apps. It's the recommended way to run this project, since all the setup is cloud based, you don't need to setup anything in your own machine.

Just go to: Java EE 7 with Angular Demo

Wait for the project to load and then just hit the Green Run Button in the upper right corner. You might want to check a few instructions here: Codenvy setup to demo applications using Docker: Java EE 7 with Angular


  • You need JDK 7 or higher, Maven 3 and Wildfly 8 or Glassfish 4.1 to run the application.
  • Build the code using Maven with the command: mvn clean install.

Deploy in Wildfly 10

Deploy in Embedded Wilffy

Deploy in Glassfish 4.1

Deploy in Embedded-Glassfish 4.1

Run with TomEE

Javascript Package Management (optional)

The required JS libraries are included in the project, but it also possible to manage them following the next steps:

  • You need NPM. Please go to to get a copy.

  • Once NPM is installed run the command npm install.

  • Install Grunt npm install -g grunt-cli for more information please go to

  • Run the command 'grunt' to download all the web dependencies and build an optimized version of the project.