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RADDI: Windows builds

This repository follows structure: /architecture/build/executable


  • x86-32 - for 32-bit Windows, uses slighly less RAM; will run on any Windows PC (x64/arm64)
  • x86-64 - for 64-bit Windows, recommended
  • arm-32 - TBD: for AArch32 devices running jail-broken 32-bit Windows RT - not yet available
  • arm-64 - for AArch64 devices running 64-bit Windows 10 for ARM


  • release

    • small executables, need libraries from
    • lower disk/memory usage as the DLLs and MSVCRT are shared both on disk and in memory
    • allows for replacing/upgrading DLLs with custom built or official ones if you don't trust those provided above
  • portable

    • no need to download and install anything else, all libraries compiled in
    • larger executables and slighly higher memory usage


  • raddi32.exe/raddi64.exe - node software, runs on background and participates in the network
  • - command-line utility
  • raddi.exe - not yet available, basic GUI client app

Minimal OS Version Requirements

Generally Windows XP (5.1 for x86-32, 5.2 for x86-64) or later is required with following exceptions:

  • Windows Vista (Server 2008) or newer is required if the release build is used with liblzma/libsodium DLLs obtained from official or other sources (thus have unpatched minimal OS version numbers).
  • Windows 10 (any build beginning with 1507/2015 LTSB) is required for AArch64 (arm-64) architecture



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