@nooperation nooperation released this Aug 10, 2016 · 4 commits to master since this release

Assets 3


  • Fixed bug preventing unicode characters from displaying in the script editor.
  • Fixed bug causing instant messages to be logged multiple times in the instant message chat console.
  • Fixed bug with and RLV paths containing a trailing slash.
  • Fixed bug with RLV locked items such as collars becoming detached when changing outfits.
  • Added theme compatibility mode setting that attempts to resolve visual issues when using custom themes in Linux.
  • Added settings tab to change font settings in the chat console.
  • Added RLV support for the following commands: attachall, attachallover, findfolders.
  • Added context menu to user list in group chat.
  • Added confirmation dialog when attempting to leave a group.
  • Added confirmation for "Offer Teleport".
  • Added confirmation message when exiting Radegast.
  • Added options to control URI resolution settings.
  • Text from Muted/Blocked Users no longer shows in group chats.
  • HTTP inventory is now always enabled for Secondlife grids due dropped to support for UDP inventory.
  • Client now attempts to gracefully disconnect when an unhandled exception occurs.
  • Switched to .NET 4.5
  • Updated IRC plugin.
  • Renamed the 'Current Look' folder to 'Current Outfit'.
  • Minor bug fixes

@lkalif lkalif released this Jul 9, 2015 · 125 commits to master since this release

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Radegast 2.18 is a minor update that among other things contain the following changes:

RAD-471 - Add support for Group Bans
RAD-472 - Double click on inventory item should wear/attach it
RAD-500 - please add RLV support for @acceptpermission
RAD-490 - Add a Automatically Accept Dialog Function
RAD-503 - add my public grid opensim in the viewer grille choice
RAD-497 - Main window cannot minimize correctly to the system tray

@lkalif lkalif released this Mar 8, 2014 · 173 commits to master since this release

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The release 2.14 of Radegast shipped with a couple of bugs, one of which prevented the speech plugin from functioning. This is critical feature for Radegast’s blind and visually impaired users, which prompted quick fix and release of Radegast 2.16 today.

Also, our wiki now contains extensive accessibility guide
that helps blind and visually impaired access and enjoy Second Life using Radegast. Many thanks to Roxie Marten and Celene Highwater for writing the guide.


New Features and Improvements

RAD-451 – Allow IM ding on every message
RAD-464 – Speech plugin improvements
RAD-468 – Add ability to set maturity access level
RAD-469 – Initialize avatar on first login

Bug Fixes

RAD-462 – TTS speech plugin no longer works and seems to now crash the client
RAD-463 – Unable to delete things in inventory screen.
RAD-466 – Cannot eject user from group where I have assigned tag/role to eject


Don’t forget that .NET framework version 3.5sp1 is required on Windows
and Mono 2.10 and newer on Linux. On Mac OSX installation of XQuartz
and Mono is required (instructions on the downloads page).

@lkalif lkalif released this Mar 3, 2014 · 187 commits to master since this release

Assets 5

This is a maintenance release that contains a catch up with Second Life protocol changes and a couple of minor new features as well as few bug fixes.

You can download this release from our downloads page or on the bottom of this page-.

Some changes include:

Bug Fixes

  • RAD-424 - request teleport button looks are off
  • RAD-425 - Cache gets huge, radegast performance tumbles.
  • RAD-429 - RLV @getinv not parsed correctly
  • RAD-434 - Object list crashes when speech plugin is enabled
  • RAD-437 - Radegast causing major memory leaks when presenting new ToS

New Features and Improvement

  • RAD-461 - Added events search
  • RAD-448 - Copy & Paste into objects inventory, when LlAlalowInventoryDrop is TRUE
  • RAD-436 - Show object UUID in Objects window
  • RAD-449 - SimpleBuilder plugin