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pragma solidity ^0.5.0;
import "./SampleToken.sol";
import "./MultiOwnable.sol";
contract BYODex is MultiOwnable {
using SafeMath for uint256;
SampleToken public token;
//how many tokens for one ether, e.g. 900
uint256 public buyRate;
//how many tokens for one ether, e.g. 1000
uint256 public sellRate;
bool public isTradingPaused;
constructor(SampleToken _token, uint256 _buyRate, uint256 _sellRate) public {
require(_buyRate < _sellRate, "buyRate should be smaller then sellRate");
token = _token;
buyRate = _buyRate;
sellRate = _sellRate;
isTradingPaused = false;
function () external payable {
//to allow ether deposits
function buyTokens(uint256 _expectedBuyRate) public payable {
require(!isTradingPaused, "trading is paused");
//to prevent unexpected changes of rate
require(_expectedBuyRate == buyRate, "the buyRate is different from expected");
require(msg.value > 0, "must be sending non zero eth value");
uint256 totalTokens = msg.value.mul(buyRate).mul(10**uint256(token.decimals())).div(10**uint256(18));
require(token.transfer(msg.sender, totalTokens), "failed to transfer tokens to user");
//needs approval
function sellTokens(uint256 _expectedSellRate, uint256 _tokenAmount) public {
require(!isTradingPaused, "trading is paused");
//to prevent unexpected changes of rate
require(_expectedSellRate == sellRate, "the sellRate is different from expected");
require(token.transferFrom(msg.sender, address(this), _tokenAmount), "could not transfer tokens, no allowance?");
uint256 totalEth = _tokenAmount.mul(10**uint256(18)).div(10**uint256(token.decimals())).div(sellRate);
function updateRates(uint256 _buyRate, uint256 _sellRate) public anyOwner {
require(_buyRate <= _sellRate, "buyRate should not be greater then sellRate");
buyRate = _buyRate;
sellRate = _sellRate;
function withdrawTokens(uint256 _tokenAmount) public anyOwner {
require(token.transfer(msg.sender, _tokenAmount), "token withdrawal failed");
function withdrawEther(uint256 _ethAmount) public anyOwner {
function pauseTrading() public anyOwner {
require(!isTradingPaused, "trading has been paused already");
isTradingPaused = true;
function resumeTrading() public anyOwner {
require(isTradingPaused, "trading has resumed already");
isTradingPaused = false;
//convenience function, checks the current token balance of this exchange instance
function tokenBalance() external view returns (uint256) {
return token.balanceOf(address(this));