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Table of Contents

v36 -> v37

  • doc - fixed toolchain instructions (Rafael Ignacio Zurita)
  • finger friendly patches for contacts, shutdown, call history, qtmail (Rafael Ignacio Zurita)
  • added to sources.list (pabs3)
  • using geomirros for in sources.list (pabs3)
  • new input biglangscape input method (Rafael Ignacio Zurita)
  • autorotation script (Rafael Ignacio Zurita)
  • qx can now launch Qt-X11 apps like fbreader (LD_LIBRARY_PATH problem)
  • qx can delete X11 lock files (useful if X crashed)
  • delete qtopia temp dir on start (local sockets work after unclean restart)
  • fixed singal status polling for AT modems
  • option to disable signal polling for AT modems
  • dont poll battery immediately on AT modems
  • option to disable AT+CCED on AT modem
  • option to decode operator name for AT modem plugins
  • support for Exec argument .desktop files
  • gta04 support for keys, battery, backlight, modem

v35 -> v36

  • Choice to use Freesmarphone for phone calls, SMS, GPRS and SIM
  • Phone backend switching with QTOPIA_PHONE env. variable
  • NeoControl can switch between FSO/QtMoko phone backends
  • Fixed jpeg preview in appearence settings (Tiago Bortoletto Vaz)
  • New app qtmoko-chess which uses gnuchess as backend
  • Updated german translations (Carsten Gerlach)
  • Better gsmheadset alsa state (Giacomo Mariani)
  • NeoControl - simplified volume settings (Andrea Negri)
  • Added QPhysics - example for Box2D engine
  • Updated faenqomod theme (Joif)
  • Dont crash when bluetoothd is not working (Guilhem Bonnefille)
  • SSH server keys are generated on first boot
  • Straight dial if conact has just one number (Gennady Kupava)
  • Conact can now show phone number (Gennady Kupava)
  • Updated omhacks
  • Added script to auto format source code using gnu ident
  • QMplayer scans also for .flac files
  • qterminal can run commands and scripts

v34 -> v35

  • Fix missing icon for qtmoko apps web
  • Build with translations
  • Fix Xglamo install in QX
  • Dont build qx_helper, it's not needed anymore
  • Fixed package description for gta02-gsm-bt-fix

v33 -> v34

  • QX installs Xglamo as debian package
  • WLAN with wpa-psk can now connect more then once (Alfa21)
  • QNetWalk package has been fixed
  • accelerometers in QtMaze now work
  • NeronGPS moved back to old nice version
  • disabled disk cache in Arora
  • qtmoko bookmarks in Arora
  • usb mass storage has now param removable=y for happy winxp (Alfa21)
  • faenqo theme - added golden debian background (Tiago Bortoletto Vaz)
  • themes now use jpg for backgrounds to save space (Tiago Bortoletto Vaz)
  • docked keyboard - fix ctl and alt keys always pressed (Gennady Kupava)
  • disabled login on tty1..tty6 to save memory
  • qterminal - dont display unused back icon (Gennady Kupava)
  • fix back icon in help browser (Gennady Kupava)
  • new beautiful theme faenqomod (Joif)
  • correct package dependencies in eyepiece
  • qtmoko internal package manager has been disabled
  • building kernel as debian package

v32 -> v33

  • new theme "faenqo" (cyberspirit)
  • qtmoko and it's applications are packaged as debian packages
  • compiled natively on ARM with debian toolchain
  • new web with applications and themes [4]
  • applications are now installed from web browser
  • new icon for installing qtmoko apps in Applications
  • you can easily install new themes in appearence settings
  • fixed usb mass storage script (thanks to Alfa21)
  • omhacks are installed as debian package from sid
  • qmplayer installs mencoder in debian
  • mencoder uses ac3 codec for audio
  • orange led brightness should be fixed (only in sources)
  • moved all apps from qtmoko-apps git to qtmoko git
  • updated docs for building and compiling

v31 -> v32

  • switched from debian lenny->squeeze
  • switched from bluez3->bluez4
  • fixed the bug in power manager (switching battery/lock/charger)
  • fixed USB device/host scripts for recent kernel
  • fixed default DNS
  • qx can install X server (xglamo/xorg-glamo)
  • X server is no longer in image
  • updated omhacks
  • fixed qvga in qmplayer/qmokoplayer
  • GPS is now really powered down when no one uses it
  • SD card image has also manual pages and other data
  • qemu build host for people who want to make release themselves (see [4])
  • added files and info for native compiling on ARM host

v30 -> v31

  • fixed invisible call button in finximod theme (Joif)
  • translated to French (Gregoire Juge)
  • updated Danish translation (Ole Carlsen)
  • better layout in docked keyboard
  • commented completion strip in docked keyboard
  • VT not switch to graphics which fixes X hang in VT_WAITACTIVE (Gennady+Me)
  • fix QX crash after pause/resume
  • using openssh-server instead of dropbear again

v28 -> v30

  • fixed headset jack detection
  • Danish translations (Ole Carlsen)
  • GPRS fix (Timo Juhani Lindfors)
  • battery_platform for dumb batteries as module
  • force GPS power up on resume (Gennady Kupava)
qt moko v30 ... tar.gz does not have any files in /boot so qi cannot find it

v26 -> v28

  • switched from jffs2 to ubifs for better speed and performance
  • qi with ubifs support and faster glamo timings (gena2x + ghislain)
  • QX has it's own window manager
  • QX can use qtmoko virtual keyboard
  • removed qx_helper program hack
  • fixed wifi bind/unbind (power on/off) devtool script (thanks to lindi)
  • using dropbear instead of openssh-server
  • vibrator and leds now work (lindi)
  • updated omhacks (lindi)
  • resume reason sysfs node is back (lindi)

v24 -> v26

  • Fixed WS (white screen) problem in qmplayer & QX rotation (Gennady Kupava)
  • Fixed unresponsive touchscreen after resume (Gennady Kupava)
  • Better mass storage scripts (Alex Samorukov)
  • Use blue indicator is used for wifi activity (Alex Samorukov)
  • Reconnect wifi after resume (Alex Samorukov)
  • Updated QtMaze with better graphics and other enhancements (Anton Olkhovik)
  • We use kernel modules for bluetooth
  • QMplayer supports command line arguments (Anton Olkhovik)
  • QMplayer support for youtube videos (Anton Olkhovik)
  • QMplayer can encode videos suitable for Freerunner's screen
  • More reliable GPRS connection (Alex Samorukov)
  • Dont mount /var/cache/apt for SD card images which makes apt work better
  • Working for bluetooth hands free for GSM calls
  • Shell scripts that are executed on suspend/resume (Piotr Gabryjeluk)
  • APGS and GPS standby support (Piotr Gabryjeluk)
  • Fixed "When locked" power management mode
  • Bigger QTerminal (no tabs whith only one session)
  • Support for A2DP bluetooth audio
  • Raptor - GUI for apt package manager
  • QMplayer - support for playlists (Anton Olkhovik)
  • New nice theme called finximod (Joif)
  • Stripped kernel modules for saving more space
  • Deleted unused dejavu fonts for more space
  • Use stylesheet for better html forms rendering in Arora (Ant+Alex)
  • Arora supports downloading and playing youtube videos (Anton Olkhovik)
  • Arora is smaller uses tab labels and better animation (Alex Samorukov)
  • Tab bar size and zooming as upstream Arora does (Alex Samorukov)
  • Fixed "not found error page" in Arora (Alex Samorukov)
  • We have kernel sources on github [5]
  • New apps -qweather (Anton Olkhovik) and qneoriod game (Bala)
  • PDF support in eyepiece (Alex Samorukov)
  • Fixed crashing qdictopia (Alex Samorukov)

v22 -> v24

  • Polish translations (Tomasz Czajkowski)
  • Package manager displays package version (Anton Olkhovik)
  • Disabled logging by default to save flash
  • In Settings->Logging can be logging started/stopped/enabled/disabled
  • GUI for modem settings (deep sleep and multiplexing) in NeoControl
  • GUI for call volume in NeoControl
  • Fixed gsm alsa state to use recommended "Mic 2" instead of "Right PGA"
  • Wifi maxperf can be turned on/off in devtools
  • Automatically set wifi to maxperf when connected (Alina Friedrichsen)
  • Automatically restart hcid if it crashed (Alex Samorukov)
  • Removed setting sd_max_clk because it was causing problems (Alex Samorukov)
  • Smaller icon for QNetWalk game - old icon was 1.5MB big !@#$%
  • Fixed not found page in Arora (Alex Samorukov)
  • Tab bar size and zooming as upstream Arora does (Alex Samorukov)
  • Enabled web cache in Arora (Alex Samorukov)
  • Switching between USB mass storage and USB ethernet via devtools
  • Disabled dimming/suspend by default

v21 -> v22

  • fixed power management to correctly detect cable
  • fixed GPS power up script (NeronGPS now works just fine again)
  • workaround for the GSM (restart not needed now)
  • added omhacks for controlling Neo hardware from command line
  • new application Neocontrol for controlling Neo sysfs and other tasks
  • implemented power management for locked/unlocked screen
  • build fixes and code improvements (Bartlomiej Zimon)

v19 -> v21

* hopefully fixed bug #80 (lost sms, thanks to Judge_Gregg's great bug report)
* SMS messages should stay on SIM now
* wifi always available after boot (OM bug #2327) thanks to Gennady for his fix.
* more sane power management values by default (suspend after 5 minutes)
* added path to /usr/games (for scummvm and other games)
* modified kernel config - all FR hardware is now build in
* in QX you can enable rotation using accelerometers
* QMplayer uses /media/card for saving media if possible

== v16 -> v19 ==

* Spain translation (Esteban Monge)
* Fixed compiling on systems with QT 4.6
* Fixed freeze while removing wifi-settings (Jeroen Nijhof)
* Fixed bing fonts in SMS email and others (Jeroen Nijhof)
* Fixed saving suspend interval in power management (Jeroen Nijhof)
* NeronGPS and Arora in default instalation
* Removed some demos and not working apps
* QX now suspends on call or when SMS arrives
* Workaround for incomming SMS bug
* Two kernels. Slow with debug, fast with nodebug
* Fixed web browser crashes
* Downgrade to QT 4.5.3

== v14 -> v15 ==

Release message: [[Release-v15]]
5c30866b0f68ce5af8f1a8ad1764c529ff368950 Using QT 4.6 (with 2 patches that should be upstream in QT 4.6.1)
f987dfa1fb6ff35853e40a1d31f6bd33ebeef133 Better QVGA support (no flickering for QMplayer videos now)
8ca5decd87a9e7f5f41c4a53b210fdfb1e1a357d Reading contacts from SIM in unicode (Ant)
f88026105160fa40d131cbf3108f6151ae98c7d2 Wlan - fixed WPA-PSK with AES (Torfinn Ingolfsen)
d4d48837ee85876ca6180ee30b20ed20649425d4 Fixed RTC problems after apt-get upgrade
27c6a75ac56f1e19ad765bd5aa01ae7627d47caf 10MB smaller image size - no python preinstalled now
07bcdf1abe813e188e4302cabe14d7ffda86b49a Added icon for sharing GPRS connection with PC
03eb2b282eb722500157a85e2c417e786f90fdec Disabled modem multiplexing - fixes problems with hang in dialer after boot
                                         For me GPRS is now more stable (with no multiplexing).
918b98a1599b60925247e006e3203319be45b12f Powering up modem from code
                                         Fixed alsa scenario for voip
                                         Enabled voip and google talk
                                         New applications

v13 -> v14

Release message: Release-v14

2df77fa5ce902c65aa69f2153124e18009542352 Doc - installation of bluez-audio
                                         Needed for mplayer playback on bluetooth headset. The package is
                                         with it's dependencies big so i havent decided if we include it in
                                         default installation yet.
6dc0a08a24b165817a0178076e43ea5a8d4f6694 Document CFG_CLOCK_MONOTONIC=no patch
                                         Another patch that has to be applied on top of Qt to have alarm
                                         working correctly.
c92bfd6e4976c26476c0e8a5ba15cfb3a2f113f2 In order to have the alarm on-time: CFG_CLOCK_MONOTONIC=no
c5f3ee4821e1ccba27d2ac366dd936a2636f468f don't type yes at configuration

v12 -> v13

Release message: Release-v13

 f5338b79db697d417eb34479974ae9ed174caa27 Fix peer DNS in PPP connection script
                                          When user does not specify DNS server for PPP connection the
                                          /etc/resolv.conf file is link to non existing file in /var/run.
                                          This is now fixed by copying /etc/ppp/resolv.conf (peer dns) to
                                          /var/run so that the link works.
 36a62a8760b035259b6aa541bb0d0ee6b318957f Doc - kill more qtopia progs on qpe stop
 81f7f959a931f29b225137f45ce40efc5da8164c Fixed font and better size in qterminal by default
 a466cb100377854b1fdf7215163ff1c9eafd3930 Show time on homescreen by default
 0c7ec5ca3b414a1ab3c9196d0648d8360ae46573 Doc - remove android and correct config
 7d8805ea73d3de342f71a57fdb38f13a6bee0d50 Doc - remove bash history
 1f82d64dddf16037a495925e9173e5647ce353e8 Added E3 to server widgets demo
                                          Remove the debug statement in wake
                                          Fix neobattery to ignore a getCapacity return of 0
 8e378ed921955f891961a25ddc6b7a12d3d57c98 Fix the charging/not charging bug which cuased the display to unblank when plugged in but fully charged
 38ca0f5e54c99da6ca0c9914ba9f180dd6c062b5 added qlog to wee when wakeup is called

v11 -> v12

Release message: Release-v12

 18d78202f3e3334b5b48683fd263c998e063da26 Document kernel modules stripping
 70b0864dcfa812dda7892f9a426cbbb5bf2951ca Updated qtmoko-apps subproject
 a00967e08b79b9b0ccac295e2ec966e41c70cd06 Enable libmad (mp3 support)
                                          We will remove the libmad library from the image and supply it
                                          in codecinstaller package to workaround possible patent issues.
 b1f415972c488cceaed799cf97b86f3136cc5883 Remove test which switches to dump battery if capacity returns 0
 a063cf42eee5090e5146a50e21a473cabfa87b5a Fix neo wlan script to be POSIX compliant
 436ab7ccebbeb80ad0b7ff531739aa2408ed5e0b Register audio/ogg mime type in oggplugin
 4e0553d5fe7badf6ab7e7b2ef15e85cd60059d31 QX - fix typo
 b118aab650736d56eee52ad9cccbc4443878969a QX - added app info dialog
 47e35365d6e28b89572f61a7056de4824b399475 QX - better location for app name in pause menu
 cbe9dbf59a9054b55582c99b260ab9d6bd571a04 QX - added support of window manager and virtual keyboard
 e6053561e7f399bca27b272b59e8b77208405534 Added qtmoko-apps as submodule
 1c73e2608ae0dcdc33e72be9c37fef0c892291ee Allow git submodules in gitignore

v10 -> v11

Release Message: Release-v11

 ebcf488ed34cfefa864ac198fc72921ca2c61541 QX - added profiles of known apps
 7b81832cdf08821f36df5e3dcc615e7d433400c5 QX - launcher improved
 36b385c2dd1b443e1906361456e42bc34840868b QX - added app settings dialog
 d9f33842e43982be34e8da27f05daa3f689fb30b QX - added scanner of .desktop files
 0f22498f254ade10853685bef432a2499a1faa65 FingerKeyboard - minor fixes
 ffb7c8bbf6fcee1ae20a8c0eb8ee890444f440a4 FingerKeyboard - added support of skins

v9 -> v10

Release Message: Release-v10

 9bada0294125399208f646a8378c1c4cbc6e7b52 Doc - add sleep 2 for better modem init
 4c3798fbd964ae5770d8bc7d74ed181484777182 Doc - correctly document xserver install
 21a1ced4f97320d368765eb9e3665d64606def8b Doc - rename qpe startup script to so that killall works.
                                          Otherwise killall qpe kills also the script.
 ba05d69e3f9b9270a47d4121c54af84046258965 Replace #if QT_QWS_FICGTA01 with QTOPIA defines.
                                          This is needed for correct building on other devices and on qvfb.
 a34cf85303c54e4462ffa792ead7410aab432700 Revert "Deleted debug code and fixed an error when compiling for a 64bit target"
                                          This reverts commit 32e1c131309d960792476ea269774c5c0795bf04.
                                          We need the code for the PC version of qmplayer. Will fix this
                                          with new define.
 544be77514cb1e018031c62b3c02464be077fa66 Remove shopper and keypebble from builds.
                                          These apps will be in future installed as packages and sources will
                                          move to qtmoko-apps repository.
 3a22a955739db93897607f05103d596a14e2965b Disable qtopia font engines (QPF)
                                          Qtopia font engine is not very useful now when we can use freetype.
                                          Freetype fonts can handle national characters while QPF had
                                          problems e.g. when used with qGoogleTranslate (displayed trash
                                          instead of e.g. russian characters).
 b8d8e2b102de6eb0bdf8e80a9897784e671289fa Rootfs doc - remove bad mounts, dash, better qpe start script
                                          Mounting tmpfs on /tmp is not good idea, since qtopia uses it for
                                          rendering fonts and this eats precious ram (also other programs
                                          like mc use it).
                                          Dash is minimalistic shell and is faster and eats less memory then
                                          full bash. Can be replaced to bash any time later by user.
                                          The qte start script now handles restarting qtopia correctly and is
                                          also more usable. If no args specified it starts qtopia. Also
                                          accepts start/stop/restart args.
 06282e334b1ec1e4fe48c5de5d21ad277eefd1f5 made pkim mode selection more finger friendly
 a0c850de2ac92ef8fca26df3064e858ef57ec281 fixed bug while typing a sms/an email
 ed079efa2776e4046c7d0bbbb98c6a7dcf083531 Doc - fix qpe init script, so that qtopia restart works
 19da059b66daa69b29a1a0bf92246b2d31d41e9a Doc - fix qpe init script, so that qtopia restart works
 d7903b515d5d75b129dea094b021395aa08a9cc5 Another patch that must be applied on top of updated QT
 0137cfaf73975ec51664bac59c7cc1fe85871215 Enable keyboard in web brower for password fields.
 d2cda17b7957d6df0345ff51d7eb005e2447b2bc Another patch that must be applied on top of updated QT
 37029b974f49a5b1c5072fa6bf040177c104f87f Enable keyboard in web brower for password fields.
                                          Yesterday I found and repaired a little bug in the 'Web Browser': when
                                          entering a password-field the keyboard doesn't show.
 438dbd9f642d574fa69faa5db739adde61860ea9 FingerKeyboard - fix destructor
 f5733423019f0059f84733ac2db4cdcd57f37e01 FingerKeyboard - second "u" key replaced with "enter"
 3c668996efc3fa773a722bd005fa65ca19cc65f5 FingerKeyboard - added support of additional unicode layout
 54e1747e2a49e4d5177231d1537de4cc48f5ec48 install doc - using truetype fonts
 df5d85152b41039622695dc2061b0ddd3f371bc4 Make QtMoko package feed default
 67f2f5b3be5279d985f0516b4954386715b6899c Use icons for softkeys. IMHO it looks better.
 437728fbda24c1da47391ab340d725d5014c50b2 Do not dim screen by default when plugged in
 d1910e750c05935e7e3cfa8cd89e4d29ede28c76 Use QProcess for switching alsa scenarios.
                                          Using system() function involves starting shell and is a bit slower
                                          then using QProcess. Here are numbers for 20 alsactl invokes:
                                                  system()     qprocess
                                          real    0m15.643s    0m14.958s
                                          user    0m1.840s     0m1.660s
                                          sys     0m2.705s     0m2.245s
                                          Great speed improvement would be not to wait for alsactl process to
                                          finish, but this possibility needs more investigation.
 83c876041b85f059185c1c6670dca123a993c2b2 Fix no sound in incoming calls bug.
                                          Fix no sound in incoming calls bug.
                                          Sometimes there is no sound in incoming call on Neo Freerunner. I was
                                          able to reproduce this bug by applying reverted no_voip.patch and by
                                          changing ringtone to this one:
                                          The problem is caused by unnecessary switching audio states. First when
                                          incomming call is picked up, the state is switched to gsmhandset.state
                                          and then immediately it's switched to gsmspeakerout.state. The switch
                                          to gsmspeakerout.state causes no sound.
                                          Now what causes the double state switching. First switch to
                                          gsmhandset.state is done when incoming call is picked up. This is
                                          handled in CallAudioHandler::activateAudio() and IPC call to
                                          setDomain("Phone") is made. Set domain picks up most suitable alsa
                                          state which is gsmhandset.state.
                                          After that CallAudioHandler::activateAudio() is called second time.
                                          This time transferAudio() is called because we have request to set
                                          gsm speaker profile and setProfile("PhoneSpeaker") IPC call sets
                                          The request for gsmspeaker is for some unknown reason set in
                                          DialProxy::acceptIncoming() function (as if Speaker key was pressed).
                                          So we just remove this request and now state switching for incomming
                                          call is handled like this
                                                     ^           ^
                                                  call picked    call ended
                                          Logs used to debug this follow:
 32e1c131309d960792476ea269774c5c0795bf04 Deleted debug code and fixed an error when compiling for a 64bit target
 45a1edcff8d261e55510ff48def5ea8390929870 Message reader - confirmation of dialing after clicking on the phone number link

v08 -> v09

- Fixed no sound in incoming calls
- Fixed wifi - now should work ok (many thanks to Paul Ferster)
- New package repository [1] and package feed [2] (thanks to Ant)
- Improved fonts - using now truetype fonts which can handle diacritics and look better. In terminal it's now possible to set fixed size font.
- Fixes in QtMaze (thanks to Ant)
- Improved look - using now icons instead of text
- Improved speed for switching alsa scenarios
- Added script for sharing GPRS connection with PC
- Disabled dimming by default when on cable
- Upgraded kernel to latest andy-tracking

Release message: Release-v09

v07 -> v08

 where start v08 and where end v07?

v06 -> v07

 where start v07 and where end v06?

v05 -> v06

 where start v06 and where end v05?

v04 -> v05

 where start v05 and where end v04?

v03 -> v04

 where start v04 and where end v03?

v02 -> v03

 where start v03 and where end v02?

v01 -> v02

 where start v02 and where end v01?