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This is based on QGVLauncher

Credits: QGVLauncher committers

Supported build envs:
   * host (linux host)
   * sb-arm
   * sb-i486

---+ File structure

By default, we need custom version of qt and webkit.

The scripts 'git clone' corresponding sources to following dirs:
   * ./qt4-maemo5 -- qt in fremantle sb
   * ./qt         -- qt in host
   * ./webkit     -- webkit

---+ Setting up SB environment from scratch, Fremantle

Start with empty computer, SB installed.

In host:

sudo apt-get install maemo-assistant

---+ Create SB targets

In host:

maemo-assistant fremantle -f -r 2.2009.51-1 -t maemo5-w51

---+ Install

In SB:

---+ Clone

In SB:

---+ Build

In SB:

---+ Building yberbrowser

Build webkit as above.

In SB:

cd builddir-armel

---+ Building with meegotouch

To build yberbrowser on host with meegotouch follow instructions below.

Fetch meegotouch as follows:

git clone git:// libdui
git clone git:// duitheme

Build meegotouch as follows:

cd libdui && \
./configure && \
qmake && \
make -j3 && \
sudo make install

cd duitheme && \
qmake && \
make -j3 && \
sudo make install

Configure yber

mkdir builddir-host
cd builddir-host
qmake ../ WEBKIT=system CONFIG+=meegotouch

---+ Build notes

Build scripts will one of following dirs:
   * builddir-host
   * builddir-i486
   * builddir-armel

WebKit is built to builddir, so that source tree remains really
prestine and git is fast.

Builds are always debug. You can run build scripts with '--release' to
compile release versions.

---++ Build with system webkit package

mkdir builddir-host && cd builddir-host
qmake ../ WEBKIT=system

Build with "custom" webkit package

mkdir builddir && cd builddir
qmake ../ WEBKIT=custom

Custom webkit package is a packaged webkit for custom builds:

Build with locally built webkit

cd webkit
WebKitTools/Scripts/build-webkit --qt
cd ..

cd yberbrowser
mkdir builddir && cd builddir
qmake ../ WEBKIT=local WEBKIT_PATH=`pwd`/../webkit/

Variables for qmake


If selecting WEBKIT=local

WEBKIT_PATH= full path to webkit sources, where webkit is also built by default
WEBKIT_BUILD_PATH= override the full path where the webkit has been built to
WEBKIT_BUILD_MODE= override what mode the webkit has been built (used unless WEBKIT_BUILD_PATH has been defined)


builds meegotouch version.

Day-to-day development

See scripts/ -dir for qmake build scripts, etc

To debug webkit debug version using ubuntu karmic, use following:
ulimit -s 65535

Run examples

./yberbrowser -h

./yberbrowser /path/to/file

Windowed, raster:
./yberbrowser -graphicssystem raster -w

Windowed, raster, GLWidget for QGraphicsView:
./yberbrowser -graphicssystem raster -w -g

Thanks to ICONS etc.
All royalty free stock icons, clip art and other design resources on this website are free for use in both personal and commercial projects.

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