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Keboola Writer for S3

A S3 Keboola Connect Writer component that handles data writing from KBC storage to Amazon S3. Written in Node.js with utilization of Babel/ES6/ES7 functionality.


Configuration is very straightforward. One has to select input files from Keboola Storage, put credentials and you are all set. The possible options are described below.

Table selection

A Keboola helper for Table Input Mapping selection is enabled. It's a GUI component that simplify the input table selection and enabled some advanced functionality like columns specification. Feel free to experiment with this.

S3 settings

The configuration structure for the S3 Writer is very straightforward and there is a GUI helper that helps you to prepare the configuration. Check out the summary in the list below.

  • S3 Access Key Id - s3 access key, a part of the credentials.
  • S3 Secret Access Key - s3 secret access key, a part of the credentials, will be encrypted.
  • S3 Bucket Name - s3 bucket name.
  • S3 Region - s3 region, default value set to us-east-1.
  • S3 Remote Path - path in S3, default value set to /kbc_upload.
  • Append datetime - true/false, helps with adding datetime information as a part of filename, default value set to false.
  • Datetime position - prefix/postfix, helps you to set the datetime position.
  • Datetime format - any ISO date format, default set to YYYYMMDD_HHmmss.
  • Compress output - true/false, helps with compression of the output files, default value set to false.


The most important parameters are S3 Access Key Id, S3 Secret Access Key, S3 Bucket Name. There must be a non-empty value for each of these parameter in the input configuration. If not, the execution will failed.

Region settings

The default value is set to us-east-1 for AWS region. This should be fine for the most configurations, but you can play with region settings a little bit more and provide a different value based on Amazon API Gateway options. If you are interested in, please follow the AWS documentation for more details.

Datetime configuration

The output may contain a datetime prefix or postfix. If there is an attribute Append datetime in the configuration and is set to true, the output file(s) will contain that information. The date position (prefix or postfix) depends on the parameter Datetime position. If value prefix is set, the date will appear at the beginning of the filename. Value postfix tail the date at the end of the filename. No other value for Datetime position is allowed! You can also customize the date format (the default value is YYYYMMDD_HHmmss). If you want to do it, just update Datetime format parameter and specify any ISO 8601 string. There is a great library Moment.js that helps with parsing. You can find some examples of valid ISO strings in this documentation.


You can also enable the gzip compression and reduce the size of the output files. Just set Compress output param in the configuration to true.