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Keboola Writer for SFTP/WebDAV

A Keboola Connect Writer component that handles data writing from KBC storage to SFTP/WebDAV. Written in Node.js with focus on simplicity.


SFTP/WebDAV Configuration is very straightforward. One has to choose whether the desired protocol is SFTP or WebDAV, select input files from Keboola Storage, put credentials and the SFTP/WebDAV Writer is all set. The possible options are described below.

Table selection

A Keboola helper for Table Input Mapping selection is enabled. It's a GUI component that simplify the input table selection and enabled some advanced functionality like columns specification. Feel free to experiment with this.

SFTP/WebDAV settings

The configuration structure for the SFTP/WebDAV Writer is very straightforward and there is a GUI helper that helps you to prepare the configuration. Check out the summary in the list below.

  • Hostname - SFTP or WebDAV hostname.
  • Username - SFTP or WebDAV username.
  • Password - SFTP or WebDAV password, will be encrypted.
  • Protocol - sftp/webdav. Default value is set to sftp.
  • Gzip - (sftp only). Boolean value which specifies whether the output is going to be compressed or not. Default value is set to false.
  • Remote path - any remote path where the files will be uploaded. Default value is set to '/'.
  • Append datetime - true/false. Default value is set to false.
  • Datetime format - you can customize the datetime format. The default value is YYYY-MM-DD_HH:mm:ss.
  • Trust unsecured certificate - true/false. Default value is set to true.

The default options

The required parameters are Hostname, Username and Password. There must be a non-empty value for each of these parameter in the input configuration. If not, the execution will failed. Note: hostname parameter should contain a port, in the form domain:port. If you omit the port, a default ones for sftp/webdav are going to be applied.

The output may contain a datetime value (default format is: YYYY-MM-DD_HH:mm:ss, but you can customize it). If there is an attribute Append datetime in cofiguration and contains true value, the output file(s) will contain that information.

You can also compress the output with gzip. This option is currently available only for sftp. The default value is set to false.

Another attribute is called Protocol. The default value is sftp, which is used if this attribute is missing in configuration. The other option is webdav as described above.

The last option is related to WebDAV configuration and certificate trust verification. If there is a situation when your WebDAV server contains a certificate that is not properly secured and fails on cetificate trust verification (error: Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with known CA certificates), you won't be able to load any file by default. However, you can skip that checking by keeping parameter Trust unsecured certificate set to true.