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FWP+: SIC 'Em (Syndicated Image Cacher) is an add-on for the [FeedWordPress]( feed aggregator.

You might want to use it if you:

* Need local copies of images from your feeds rather than hotlinks
* Want your Theme to make use of images appearing in your syndicated posts for Featured Images or Thumbnails
* Want to make use of images appearing in your syndicated posts with other WordPress features that rely on the post's Media Gallery
* Want to crop or resize images appearing on your feeds

HTML content provided by feeds often contains references to images. But normally the feed content only contains hotlinks to those images,
not their content. So when FeedWordPress syndicates an article, the
original URLs are preserved -- any images within the post will be
hotlinked rather than copied over to the Media Gallery on your local
FeedWordPress installation.

If you need local copies of the images that you syndicate, FWP+: SIC
'Em provides this behavior. Images referred to on the feed will be
copied over to your local web host, imported into WordPress's Media
Gallery, and syndicated posts will be revised to refer to the new local
copies rather than hotlinking the original URLs.

1. After downloading the latest version of FWP+: SIC 'Em, unzip the installation package and drop the contents into your `wp-contents/plugins` directory on the web host where you've installed FeedWordPress.

2. Log in to your WordPress admin interface, and go to the Plugins page.

3. In the list of available plugins, find FWP+: SIC 'Em, and click on the Activate link.

4. After you've activated the plugin, go to your FeedWordPress admin interface, under **Syndication > Posts & Links**. If you want to set up image caching for all of your feeds at once, just scroll down. If you want to set up different settings for different feeds, use the grey drop-down box to change the settings page from "- default for all feeds -" to the name of the particular subscription that you want to configure.

5. Scroll down to find a new settings panel, called **Syndicated Images**. To turn on basic image caching, change the first setting, **Capture Images**, from "Hotlink the image at its original URL" to "Capture a copy of the image on this website and use the local copy." Configure the other settings according to your needs, then hit the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

6. The settings should begin to take effect with the next update from your subscribed feeds.


Syndicated Image Cacher for FeedWordPress



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