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WP-Admin / Visual Editor / Compromise solution allowing Visual Editor…

… tab to be shown if and only if posts are exposed to formatting filters. (If not exposed then Visual Editor is going to cause breakage by stripping out all the p and br tags, etc. This way we show it only when it won't cause that breakage.)
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commit 8925784e89c3f3349deaf17e18132e63edce8257 1 parent 47072fd
Charles Johnson authored
Showing with 3 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +3 −3 feedwordpress.php
6 feedwordpress.php
@@ -1330,11 +1330,11 @@ function dashboard () {
function user_can_richedit ($rich_edit) {
- global $post;
+ $post = new FeedWordPressLocalPost;
- if (is_syndicated($post->ID)) :
+ if (!$post->is_exposed_to_formatting_filters()) :
// Disable visual editor and only allow operations
- // directly on HTML if post is syndicated.
+ // directly on HTML if post is bypassing fmt filters
$rich_edit = false;
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