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Word counts / if the user has word-counts etc. generated by FWP+: Lim…

…it size of posts, revise them to match the newly imported full text.
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Rad Geek
Rad Geek committed Jan 28, 2018
1 parent efdbc8a commit 99943b357de955ff38680b67cb137cadd8625369
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  1. +62 −27 Gaffer.php
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
Plugin URI:
Description: A FeedWordPress add-on that allows you to grab full-text contents and make a best guess at setting featured images for syndicated content.
Author: C. Johnson
Version: 2018.0115
Version: 2018.0128
Author URI:
@@ -680,6 +680,7 @@ public function process_full_html ($delta) {
if ($ok) :
$zapit = true;
$captured_from[] = time()." ".$url." ".substr(FeedWordPress::val($post_content),0,128);
else :
$failed_from[] = time()." ".$url." ".substr(FeedWordPress::val($post_content),0,128);
@@ -1267,6 +1268,21 @@ public function media_upload_tabs($tabs) {
return $tabs;
} /* GrabFeaturedImages::media_upload_tabs () */
private function revise_word_counts ($post) {
global $fwpPostSizeLimiter;
if ($post->ID > 0) :
// check to see if FWP+: Limit size of posts is installed
if (isset($fwpPostSizeLimiter) and is_object($fwpPostSizeLimiter)) :
$aLengths = $fwpPostSizeLimiter->count_lengths($post->post_content);
foreach ($aLengths as $units => $measure) :
$metaKey = 'fwplsop count '.$units;
update_post_meta($post->ID, $metaKey, $measure);
} /* GrabFeaturedImages::revise_word_counts () */
static private function NodeToHTML (DOMNode $element) {
$tagName = $element->nodeName;
if (!is_null($element->attributes)) :
@@ -1405,35 +1421,54 @@ static public function DOMinnerHTML(DOMNode $element) {
static private function ConvertAttributesToAbsoluteURLs ($child, $baseUrl) {
$urlTagAttrs = array (
array('a', 'href'),
array('applet', 'codebase'),
array('area', 'href'),
array('blockquote', 'cite'),
array('body', 'background'),
array('del', 'cite'),
array('form', 'action'),
array('frame', 'longdesc'),
array('frame', 'src'),
array('iframe', 'longdesc'),
array('iframe', 'src'),
array('head', 'profile'),
array('img', 'longdesc'),
array('img', 'src'),
array('img', 'usemap'),
array('input', 'src'),
array('input', 'usemap'),
array('ins', 'cite'),
array('link', 'href'),
array('object', 'classid'),
array('object', 'codebase'),
array('object', 'data'),
array('object', 'usemap'),
array('q', 'cite'),
array('script', 'src')
array('a', 'href', array()),
array('applet', 'codebase', array()),
array('area', 'href', array()),
array('blockquote', 'cite', array()),
array('body', 'background', array()),
array('del', 'cite', array()),
array('form', 'action', array()),
array('frame', 'longdesc', array()),
array('frame', 'src', array()),
array('iframe', 'longdesc', array()),
array('iframe', 'src', array()),
array('head', 'profile', array()),
array('img', 'longdesc', array()),
array('img', 'src', array('data-lazy-src')),
array('img', 'usemap', array()),
array('input', 'src', array()),
array('input', 'usemap', array()),
array('ins', 'cite', array()),
array('link', 'href', array()),
array('object', 'classid', array()),
array('object', 'codebase', array()),
array('object', 'data', array()),
array('object', 'usemap', array()),
array('q', 'cite', array()),
array('script', 'src', array())
foreach ($urlTagAttrs as list($el, $attr)) :
foreach ($urlTagAttrs as list($el, $attr, $synonyms)) :
if ($el==$child->nodeName) :
// This element uses some custom dynamic juju that doesn't
// work very well across locations (image lazy-loading or
// the like). So let's grab the value and jam it over into
// a standard HTML attribute instead. FIXME: this probably
// would be better handled as a filter, and also done by
// the FeedWordPress core as well as this add-on?
if (count($synonyms) > 0) :
foreach ($synonyms as $synonym) :
if ($child->hasAttribute($synonym)) :
$newUrl = $child->getAttribute($synonym);
$child->setAttribute($attr, $newUrl);
// This attribute contains a URI/URL. We need to convert
// relative URLs to absolute URLs for this to work when
// we copy HTML to a new location.
if ($child->hasAttribute($attr)) :
$url = $child->getAttribute($attr);
$url = SimplePie_Misc::absolutize_url($url, $baseUrl);

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