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FWP+: GAFFer (Get All Fulltext & Feature images) is an add-on for the [FeedWordPress](http://feedwordpress.radgeek.com/) feed aggregator.

You might want to use it if you:

* Want your Theme to make use of images appearing in your syndicated post for Feature Images or Thumbnails. (You can also do this with the FWP+: SIC 'Em add-on, but SIC 'Em includes many more features that you may not need and may not want to deal with configuring.)
* Want to try to retrieve full-text content from a feed that provides only short descriptions or excerpts.

Many WordPress Themes support Feature Images or Thumbnails for posts. But usually the content of syndicated feeds does not provide any way for the feed producer to indicate a Feature Image or Thumbnail for feed consumers to use when syndicating the post. So by default, when you syndicate new posts in FeedWordPress, they are imported without any Feature Image. This add-on allows you
(1) to make a best-guess at the likely Feature Image for a post, using the images that appear in the syndicated post.

(2) Many feeds provide only short text descriptions or excerpts for posts. If you have permission to access their full content, but the feed producer doesn't place that content where you'd expect, directly on the feed, then with this add-on you can try to retrieve full-text content, or something close to it, by scraping the content of the web pages linked to each post.

1. After downloading the latest version of FWP+: GAFFer, unzip the installation package and drop the contents into your `wp-contents/plugins` directory on the web host where you've installed FeedWordPress.

2. Log in to your WordPress admin interface, and go to the Plugins page.

3. In the list of available plugins, find FWP+: GAFFer, and click on the Activate link.

4. After you've activated the plugin, go to your FeedWordPress admin interface, under **Syndication > Posts & Links**. If you want to set up image caching for all of your feeds at once, just scroll down. If you want to set up different settings for different feeds, use the grey drop-down box to change the settings page from "- default for all feeds -" to the name of the particular subscription that you want to configure.

5. Scroll down to find two new settings panels, one called **Full HTML of Posts** and the other called **Featured Images**. To turn on basic full HTML retrieval, go to the panel labeled **Full HTML of Posts**, and change the setting labeled **Retrieve full HTML**, from "Use contents from feed" to "Retrieve full text from the web." To turn on Feature Image retrieval, go to the panel labeled **Featured Images**, and change the first setting, **Feature Images**, from "Just display the image" to "Capture a local copy of the first image to use as the Featured Image for the syndicated post."

5. More advanced features allow you to set a default Feature Image (for any syndicated posts that don't include at least one image in them), to decide whether Feature Images should be left in the post content or stripped out of them after they are used to set the WordPress Feature Image or Thumbnail setting (the best thing to do here probably depends on your feed), and to do advanced filtering of images to consider for the Feature Image, based on their size or file type.

6. The settings should begin to take effect with the next update from your subscribed feeds.