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Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson committed May 22, 2013
1 parent f74d5a4 commit 7a16d0245994cfa3add705e789d7f1b634da19df
Showing with 174 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +174 −2 fwp-notification-of-syndicated-posts.php
@@ -21,23 +21,195 @@ public function __construct () {
// Set up filter action hooks.
add_action('feedwordpress_update_complete', array($this, 'feedwordpress_update_complete'), 1, 1000);
add_action('post_syndicated_item', array($this, 'post_syndicated_item'), 2, 1000);
// Set up interface hooks for configuration UI
add_action('feedwordpress_admin_page_feeds_meta_boxes', array($this, 'add_settings_box'));
add_action('feedwordpress_admin_page_feeds_save', array($this, 'save_settings'), 10, 2);
add_action('feedwordpress_diagnostics', array($this, 'diagnostics'), 10, 2);
} /* FWPNotificationOfSyndicatedPosts::__construct () */
function add_settings_box ($page) {
/*id=*/ "feedwordpress_".__CLASS__."_box",
/*title=*/ __("Syndication Activity Notifications"),
/*callback=*/ array(&$this, 'display_settings'),
/*page=*/ $page->meta_box_context(),
/*context=*/ $page->meta_box_context()
} /* FWPNotificationOfSyndicatedPosts::add_settings_box() */
public function diagnostics ($diag, $page) {
$diag['Syndicated Post Details']['notify:test'] = 'when we test whether an e-mail notification should be sent for a post';
return $diag;
} /* FWPNotificationOfSyndicatedPosts::diagnostics () */
public function display_settings ($page, $box = NULL) {
$stati = get_post_stati(array(), 'objects');
$activeStati = maybe_unserialize(
'fnosp notify on status',
/*default=*/ array(),
"fallback" => false,
$globalStati = maybe_unserialize(get_option('feedwordpress_fnosp_notify_on_status', array()));
<table class="edit-form narrow">
<tr><th scope="row"><?php _e('Email notifications:'); ?></th>
<td><p>Send out e-mail notifications to: <input type="email" name="fnosp_notify_email" value="<?php print esc_attr($page->setting('fnosp notify email')); ?>" <?php if ($page->for_feed_settings()) : ?>disabled="disabled"<?php endif; ?> /><?php if ($page->for_feed_settings()) : ?>(global setting)<?php endif; ?></p>
<?php if ($page->for_feed_settings()) : ?>
<table class="twofer">
<td class="primary">
<?php endif; ?>
<p>for incoming syndicated posts that are given the status of:</p>
foreach ($stati as $status) :
if (!$status->internal) :
<li><input type="checkbox" name="fnosp_notify_on_status[<?php print esc_attr($status->name); ?>]" value="yes" <?php if (in_array($status->name, $activeStati)) : ?>
<?php endif; ?> /> <?php print esc_html($status->label); ?></li>
$fmt = $page->setting('fnosp email format', 'text/plain');
$fmtSelected = array("text/plain" => '', "text/html" => '');
$fmtSelected[$fmt] = ' selected="selected"';
if ($page->for_feed_settings()) :
$addGlobalStati = $page->setting('fnosp add global stati', 'yes');
$agsChecked = array("yes" => '', "no" => '');
$agsChecked[$addGlobalStati] = ' checked="checked"';
<td class="secondary">
<h4>Site-wide Notifications</h4>
<?php if (count($globalStati) > 0) : ?>
<p>By default, we will send out notifications on posts from any feed set as:</p>
<ul class="current-setting">
<li><?php print implode("</li>\n<li>", $globalStati); ?></li>
<?php else : ?>
<p>Site-wide settings may also send out notifications on syndicated posts with specific status settings.</p>
<?php endif; ?>
<p>Should <?php print $page->these_posts_phrase(); ?> trigger notifications when
assigned to these statuses from the site-wide settings?</p>
<ul class="settings">
<li><p><label><input type="radio" name="fnosp_add_global_stati" value="yes" <?php print $agsChecked['yes']; ?> /> Yes. Use both sets of statuses to trigger notifications for posts from this feed.</label></p></li>
<li><p><label><input type="radio" name="fnosp_add_global_stati" value="no" <?php print $agsChecked['no']; ?> /> No. With posts from <em>this</em> feed, only send out notifications for the statuses I set up on the left. Do not use the global defaults.</label></li>
<?php endif; ?>
<tr><th scope="row">Notification E-mail Templates:</th>
<?php if ($page->for_default_settings()) : ?>
<p><label>Format:</label> <select name="fnosp_email_format" size="1">
<option value="text/plain"<?php print $fmtSelected['text/plain']; ?>>Text</option>
<option value="text/html"<?php print $fmtSelected['text/html']; ?>>HTML</option>
<p><label>Subject:</label> <input type="text" name="fnosp_email_subject" size="127" value="<?php print esc_html($this->get_email_subject()); ?>" /></label></p>
<h4>(e-mail opening)</h4>
<textarea name="fnosp_email_prefix" rows="3" cols="80" style="width: auto"><?php print esc_html($this->get_email_prefix()); ?></textarea>
<?php endif; ?>
<h4>(post listing)</h4>
<textarea name="fnosp_email_template" rows="5" cols="80" style="width: auto"><?php print esc_html($this->get_email_post_listing(NULL, $page)); ?></textarea>
<?php if ($page->for_feed_settings()) : ?>
<p class="explanation">(leave blank to use default from site-wide settings)</p>
<?php endif; ?>
<?php if ($page->for_default_settings()) : ?>
<h4>(in between each post)</h4>
<textarea name="fnosp_email_inter" rows="1" cols="80" style="width: auto"<?php print esc_html($this->get_email_interstitial()); ?>></textarea>
<h4>(e-mail closing)</h4>
<textarea name="fnosp_email_suffix" rows="3" cols="80" style="width: auto"><?php print esc_html($this->get_email_suffix()); ?></textarea>
<?php endif; ?>
} /* FWPNotificationOfSyndicatedPosts::display_settings () */
public function save_settings ($params, $page) {
// Some of these are global-only settings.
if ($page->for_default_settings()) :
$page->update_setting('fnosp notify email', $params['fnosp_notify_email']);
$page->update_setting('fnosp email prefix', $params['fnosp_email_prefix']);
$page->update_setting('fnosp email inter', $params['fnosp_email_inter']);
$page->update_setting('fnosp email suffix', $params['fnosp_email_suffix']);
$page->update_setting('fnosp email subject', $params['fnosp_email_subject']);
$page->update_setting('fnosp email format', $params['fnosp_email_format']);
// And some are local-only settings
else :
$page->update_setting('fnosp add global stati', $params['fnosp_add_global_stati']);
if (strlen(trim($params['fnosp_email_template'])) > 0) :
$page->update_setting('fnosp email template', $params['fnosp_email_template']);
else :
$page->update_setting('fnosp email template', $params['fnosp_email_template'], NULL);
if (!isset($params['fnosp_notify_on_status'])) :
$fNOS = array();
else :
$fNOS = $params['fnosp_notify_on_status'];
$stati = array();
foreach ($fNOS as $status => $on) :
if ('yes' == $on) :
$stati[] = $status;
$page->update_setting('fnosp notify on status', serialize($stati));
} /* FWPNotificationOfSyndicatedPosts::save_settings () */
public function post_syndicated_item ($id, $post) {
// We are in an update process and just inserted a new post.
// Let's see if we need to tag it for notification at the end
// of the update process.
if ($this->shouldNotify($post)) :
$link = $post->link;
add_post_meta($id, FNOPS_NOTIFICATION_POSTMETA, $link->id());
$foo = add_post_meta($id, FNOPS_NOTIFICATION_POSTMETA, $link->id());
} /* FWPNotificationOfSyndicatedPosts::post_syndicated_item () */
public function feedwordpress_update_complete ($delta) {
// Let's do this.
$q = new WP_Query(array(
'ignore_sticky_posts' => true,
'post_type' => 'any',
'post_status' => 'any',
'posts_per_page' => 10,

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