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GitKraken Glo Chrome extension
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GitKraken Glo in Chromium

Glomium is all-in-one tool for maintaining GitKraken Glo boards while interacting with the opened webpage and your filesystem. It allows you to create cards, attach multiple files or screenshots, post comments, track time and manage boards.

Detailed features:

  • Card creation: You can easily create card by clicking the "+" icon in the main menu and selecting board where the card should be posted. Then you can add name and description, attach one or multiple screenshots and files, use the one-click tools for inserting the webpage's URL and your selection on the site.
  • Comment posting: Another feature of the Glomium extension is the ability to post comments to your existing cards. You can use all the same one-click tools for inserting helpful information. Just click the comment icon from the main menu and enjoy.
  • Time tracking: The app has built-in time tracker, which you can use while working on anything inside or outside the browser (as long as it's working in the background). You can post your recordings as comments to any card.

Security: The extension is using secure HTTPS transfer of data between you and GitKraken's API. The first time you log in, we'll transfer your OAuth2 token from secured GCP instance to the browser. You can log out at any time.

"Glomium" is neither trademark of me, nor Axosoft, but GitKraken Glo boards is licensed product of Axosoft LLC. This project is fully open-sourced. Apache 2.0 License may apply.


Card creation


File & screenshot attachments

Drag and Drop files, use "Choose file" button or attach screenshot with single click!

Comment posting


Time tracking


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