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Riju is a very fast online playground for every programming language. In less than a second, you can start playing with a Python interpreter or compiling INTERCAL code.

Check it out at! Please note that Riju is only available on IPv6-enabled networks due to the higher financial cost of supporting legacy protocols. If your network does not support IPv6 then please consider asking your network administrator or service provider to do their part in supporting modern internet standards. You can consider accessing Riju through a VPN as a workaround.

Service uptime available at

Is it free?

Riju will always be free for everyone. I pay for the hosting costs out of the business account of Radian LLC, which is funded by donations and my personal savings. If you would like to help keep Riju online and see more projects like it, there are a few donation methods available in the "Sponsor this project" sidebar on GitHub.

All financial records for Radian LLC are made publicly available.

Is it safe?

Riju does not collect your personal information.

  • Your code is deleted from the server as soon as you close Riju.
  • Your terminal input and output is never saved or logged anywhere.
  • Riju uses Fathom Analytics to measure traffic. Fathom collects very limited data and does not sell it to third parties, unlike Google Analytics.
  • Riju does not serve advertisements or share data with any third party aside from Fathom Analytics.

All of the above notwithstanding, any service that allows people to run code online is inherently risky. For this reason, I can't make any guarantees about the security or privacy of your data.

See also Reporting a security issue.

Are there rules?

Yes, there is one rule and it is "please be nice". Examples of not being nice include:

  • Trying to consume as many resources as possible. All this will do is prevent others from using Riju, which isn't nice.
  • Mining cryptocurrency. Since hosting Riju comes out of my paycheck community donations, this is exactly equivalent to stealing, which isn't nice.

Can I help? / Documentation

Absolutely, please see Contributing guide.

Similar projects


  • A big thank you to Mike Diarmid of Invertase for being an early sponsor of the project and helping out with hosting costs! Thanks to Mike's generous support I have the runway to get Riju stable enough for everyone to use.
  • Thank you to the maintainers of Monaco, node-pty, and Xterm.js! Without any one of these open-source libraries, version 1.0 of Riju could not have come to life!