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The Archive extension extracts the Archive pages from their original place in the Radiant distribution.

Archive page

An archive page provides behavior similar to a blog archive or a news archive. Child page URLs are altered to be in %Y/%m/%d format (2004/05/06).

An archive page can be used in conjunction with the "Archive Year Index", "Archive Month Index", and "Archive Day Index" page types to create year, month, and day indexes.

Archive Index pages

To create a year/month/day index for an archive, create a child page for the archive and assign the "Archive [Year/Month/Day] Index" page type to it.

An index page makes following tags available to you:


Grants access to a subset of the children of the archive page that match the specific year/month/day which the index page is rendering.

The title and breadcrumb attributes of an index page are rendered using Ruby's Time#strftime method. Please refer to documentation for Time#strftime to format these attributes.

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