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Add attachment button not working #3

inglesp opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Having installed this extension, clicking on the green "+" button to add a new attachment has no effect.

The relevant page source is:

        <div id='attachments'>
          <div class='toolbar'>
            <img alt="add" src="/images/admin/plus.png?1264014809" />
            <input id="attachment_index_field" name="attachment_index" type="hidden" value="0" />

            Attachments (<span id='attachment_count'>0</span>)

have you run rake radiant:extensions:page_attachments:update?

On what branch/tag of this extension and what version of Radiant?


Yeah, I've run the rake tasks.

I'm running Radiant 0.8.1, and according to the git log on my machine, the extension dates from 2009-09-30, with the most recent commit 6051774.


I ran into this too. My solution:

I think a good fork might be . It doesn't use Lowpro. It's not Rails 2.3-compatible though (uses application instead of application_controller)


the master branch is only working with 0.9+. for older versions of radiant check out

This issue was closed.
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