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Commits on Apr 10, 2009
  1. @eostrom @seancribbs

    Updated specs (and some application code) for 0.7.

    eostrom authored seancribbs committed
    Application changes:
      * Use plural nouns with ResourceController and resource routes.
      * Use plural noun for AdminUI region
      * Fixed broken/obsolete route names and URL hashes.
      * Fixed DIV name in upload action (must be lower case).
    Spec changes:
      * Plural nouns and updated routes, as above.
      * Eliminated cache-clearing tests - they depended on FakeResponseCache,
        which is no longer available, and anyway, all those tests were doing
        is testing ResourceController, which isn't this extension's business.
      * Invoke an action before testing what the action sets model_class to.
      * Supply an ID when generating URLs that might require an ID.
      * Use symbols, not strings, to look up dataset records by name.
      * Test value of controller.model(s), not @text_asset(s).
        (This is what we use in the views anyway.)
      * Assume resource-based routing (e.g., 'create' instead of 'POST new').
      * Removed 'POST remove' tests (we use delete now, and anyway, all the
        logic is done by ResourceController).
      * Made javascript and stylesheet datasets provide text_assets and
        text_asset_id methods, which used to be provided by Scenarios.
      * Made save_asset_at work around Rails 2.1's "dirty attributes"
        support, which prevents saving a record that hasn't changed.
    Signed-off-by: Sean Cribbs <>
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