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1 # Change Log
9daa43f @saturnflyer bump to 1.0.1, and remove bad ruby-debug directory
saturnflyer authored
3 ## 1.0.1 (March 6, 2012)
9f06e69 @will-r other text files markdowned, generator and tests updated
will-r authored
14ab639 @johnmuhl note 1.9.3 compat. in changelog [ci skip]
johnmuhl authored
5 * Ruby 1.9.3 compatibility [Jim Gay]
76074e6 @saturnflyer update changelog with details about page menu
saturnflyer authored
6 * Allow page menus to be overridden by additional modules [Jim Gay]
2b9a188 @jomz Update changelog [ci skip]
jomz authored
7 * Add migration to not crop page part content > 64kB in MySql and MSSQL [Benny Degezelle]
8 * Add r:site:title, r:site:domain and r:site:dev_domain [Benny Degezelle]
9 * Polish language pack generation [Benny Degezelle]
5ca4468 @johnmuhl update changelog [ci skip]
johnmuhl authored
10 * 1.9.2 compatibility [Johannes Fahrenkrug, John Muhl]
29cf525 @johnmuhl Update CHANGELOG
johnmuhl authored
11 * Fix view_path order [William Ross]
12 * Extension rake task files loaded directly: no need to copy on update [William Ross]
13 * Fake published_at on preview, if necessary [William Ross]
14 * Ignore the generated admin stylesheets [jsntv200]
15 * No need to boot Radiant during instance generation [jsntv200]
16 * Rake test:extensions uses new extension loader [William Ross]
17 * Rake spec:extensions updated [William Ross]
18 * Don't disable ActionMailer [John Muhl]
19 * Use as the example sites [Jim Gay]
20 * Allow the upgrade from an existing instance with no Gemfile [Jim Gay]
21 * Fixed bootstrap so that migrations run from Radiant.root/db/migrate [William Ross]
22 * Add for racking up in eg. Pow [William Ross]
23 * Remove the extension post_install_message [jsntv200]
24 * Extensions should require the module not the version [jsntv200]
25 * Fix rake radiant:update by setting the missing variables [jsntv200]
26 * Update rails binaries [Jim Gay]
27 * Make PreviewStop exception explicit in purpose [Jim Gay]
28 * Bundler instructions at the end of bootstrap [William Ross]
29 * Less maintenance required in instance generator [William Ross]
30 * Add extension root to autoload paths [William Ross]
31 * Refactored extension loader [William Ross]
32 * Extension generator updated for bundler compatibility [William Ross]
33 * Add extension models, controllers and helpers to eager-load paths. [William Ross]
34 * Explicit initialize_nav call to help test extensions [William Ross]
35 * Instance mode uses Bundler [William Ross]
36 * De-vendor Rails [William Ross]
37 * Old CI tasks removed [William Ross]
38 * Other text files markdowned, generator and tests updated [William Ross]
39 * README in markdown with Travis badge [William Ross]
40 * Setup Travis CI [John Muhl]
41 * Add Bundler support [William Ross, Michal Cichra, Edmund Haselwanter]
42 * Add sqlite and zentest as dev. dependencies [John Muhl]
43 * Dev site should show draft and hidden pages [Jim Gay]
44 * Better duplicate-config error reporting [William Ross]
45 * Alter the environment path when running tests from RADIANT_ROOT [Jim Gay]
46 * De-submodule built-in extensions and language packs, depend on gems instead [John Muhl, jsntv200]
47 * Fixed "dev?" method so that pre-pending hostname with "dev." works. [Wes Gamble]
48 * No need to migrate extensions after loading schema [William Ross]
49 * Load templates from gems [Jim Gay]
50 * Require all extension explicitly [Jim Gay]
51 * De-vendor acts_as_tree, highline, rack-cache, radius, RedCloth [William Ross, John Muhl, jsntv200]
52 * Removed custom pluralize method in the application helper. [Michael Stalker]
53 * Reflect sqlite default in help output [John Muhl]
54 * Fix import task name [Jim Gay]
55 * Newextension.replaces("OldExtension") to inherit matching migrations [William Ross]
56 * Make sqlite the default database. closes #224 [John Muhl]
57 * Deprecating r:url family of tags [William Ross]
58 * Explicitly load will_paginate in resource controller [Jim Gay]
59 * Check for @current_tab [jsntv200]
60 * Properly load features files in generated extension gemspecs [Jim Gay]
61 * Alter compass initializer to load from tmp/stylesheets [Jim Gay]
62 * Allow content areas without a 'page_part' naming scheme [Jim Gay]
63 * Allow access to the instance of the user action observer [Jim Gay]
64 * Allow extensions to add to the built-in cucumber paths [Jim Gay]
65 * Remove git dependency on generated extension gemspecs [Jim Gay]
66 * Unvendored haml [William Ross]
67 * Removed non-portable (Windows-unfriendly) syntax from System commands [Chris Parrish]
68 * Fix script/console path to boot [Andrew vonderLuft]
69 * Gem dependency compatibility fix for ruby 1.9 [Andrew vonderLuft]
70 * Fix case statements for ruby 1.9 compatibility [Andrew vonderLuft]
71 * Migrate extensions in load order [Jim Gay]
72 * Don't need the message about running the extension migration task [Jim Gay]
73 * Migrate and update extensions after bootstrap [Jim Gay]
74 * Use request.cookies [Jim Gay]
75 * Explicitly find the preview page again after the post [Jim Gay]
76 * Remove errant ruby-debug [Jim Gay]
77 * Update instance boot [Jim Gay]
78 * Patch for requiring RedCloth and gem dependencies [Jim Gay]
79 * Ensure @extensions in the initializer is an array [Jim Gay]
80 * We don't need to validate numericality of reference columns [Jim Gay]
81 * Replace returning with tap [Jim Gay]
82 * Don't validate id [Jim Gay]
83 * Tweak to tabcontrol.Js [William Ross]
84 * Add rake update task for static html files [Andrew vonderLuft]
85 * Changes popup.js to support switching from one popup to another [William Ross]
86 * Allow the :all symbol to represent gem extensions [Jim Gay]
87 * Only show paginate link when depaginated [Benny Degezelle]
88 * Require delocalize gem, so date input in non-English is interpreted correctly [Benny Degezelle]
89 * Use white background for page preview [Jim Gay]
90 * Add option to ignore extensions where ruby's -= operator won't cut it [Jim Gay]
91 * Remove unused abstract_model_helper.rb [Jim Gay]
92 * Provide access to standard configuration options through methods [Jim Gay]
93 * Add reusable .action_button class [Jim Gay]
94 * Move radiant-badge to /images/radiant/ [Andrew vonderLuft]
95 * Fix rake method for extension script [Andrew vonderLuft]
96 * Make environment files similar [Jeff Casimir]
97 * Require HAML 3.0.25 [Jeff Casimir]
98 * Fix extension installer script to run migrations and updates [Andrew vonderLuft]
99 * Allow two link triggers to the same popup window [John Long]
100 * Make popup windows draggable by their title bars [John Long]
101 * Add tag alias for navigation:url/path [Andrew vonderLuft]
102 * Define page subclasses with acts_as_tree [Jim Gay]
103 * Add preview page feature [Jim Gay]
104 * Modify locales to use Dir.glob so that dot files are ignored [jsntv200]
105 * Don't show secondary nav when there is only one item [John Long]
106 * Pull in changes from prototype [John Long]
107 * Add .bundle to .gitignore [John Long]
108 * Allow extensions to insert tabs after or before other tabs [John Long]
9f06e69 @will-r other text files markdowned, generator and tests updated
will-r authored
109 * Provide an export function for custom templates [Jim Gay]
29cf525 @johnmuhl Update CHANGELOG
johnmuhl authored
110 * Cleanup styled blog template [Jim Gay]
111 * Fix bug when rendering with nil content [Jim Gay]
112 * Make rspec matchers available in cucumber [Jim Gay]
113 * Better support for cucumber in generated extensions [Jim Gay]
114 * Added development dependencies to gemspec [Michal Cichra]
115 * Fixed boot to work with rubygems >= 1.6.0 [Michal Cichra]
116 * Added .rvmrc and radiant-*.gem to gitignore [Michal Cichra]
117 * Fixed gemspec to include all files from git repo [Michal Cichra, Jim Gay]
118 * Move from url to path in sample templates [Jim Gay]
119 * Updated available tags i18n [Jim Gay]
9f06e69 @will-r other text files markdowned, generator and tests updated
will-r authored
120 * Remove legacy routes [Jim Gay]
121 * Allow pagination in aggregated pages [Jim Gay]
29cf525 @johnmuhl Update CHANGELOG
johnmuhl authored
122 * Fix hard-coded string in page edit [Mario Visic]
123 * Make NodeHelper available outside of PageHelper [William Ross]
124 * User has_many pages [William Ross]
125 * Remove arbitrary restriction on limit and offset [Jim Gay]
9f06e69 @will-r other text files markdowned, generator and tests updated
will-r authored
126 * Make UserActionObserver thread safe [Mark Reginald James]
127 * Speedup recursive snippet usage [Andrew O'Brian, Jim Gay]
29cf525 @johnmuhl Update CHANGELOG
johnmuhl authored
128 * Add validate_path helper to check that a page exists [William Ross]
129 * Standardize on site:host for consistency with dev:host [William Ross]
9f06e69 @will-r other text files markdowned, generator and tests updated
will-r authored
130 * Use <r:cycle /> for a numeric counter [Jim Gay, Dirk Kelly]
131 * String format breadcrumb tag in archive pages [Oriol Gual]
29cf525 @johnmuhl Update CHANGELOG
johnmuhl authored
132 * More explicit cache strategy and cookies no longer force cache-bypass [William Ross]
133 * Make pagination_parameters available to views [William Ross]
134 * Add style for inline list of links in drawer [Andrew vonderLuft]
135 * Added defaults.snippet.filter to the configuration view [Samuel Whited]
136 * Defer default_child to class so we can bootstrap without error [Josh French]
137 * Page.find_by_url → Page.find_by_path [Josh French]
138 * Added config option defaults.snippet.filter [Samuel Whited]
9f06e69 @will-r other text files markdowned, generator and tests updated
will-r authored
139 * Fix bug with deletion of page parts [Josh French]
29cf525 @johnmuhl Update CHANGELOG
johnmuhl authored
140 * Add Personal settings sub-tab [William Ross]
141 * Cleaner large status spinner [John Muhl]
9f06e69 @will-r other text files markdowned, generator and tests updated
will-r authored
142 * Unroll PageMenu into core [Josh French]
29cf525 @johnmuhl Update CHANGELOG
johnmuhl authored
143 * Add missing semicolons + add radix parameter to parseInt() for safety [vanderhoorn]
144 * Fix status select box with more specific translate call [William Ross]
145 * Make config validation case-insensitive [William Ross]
146 * Don't run Radiant initializations if Radiant.root is the same as Rails.root [William Ross]
147 * Fix page remove screen [Jim Gay]
148 * Move <r:comment> to deprecated tags [Jim Gay]
149 * Call find_by_url inside find_by_path so existing extensions continue to work [Jim Gay]
150 * Update generated extension to include gemspec and better README [Jim Gay]
151 * Config definition can specify units [William Ross]
9f06e69 @will-r other text files markdowned, generator and tests updated
will-r authored
152 * Update Haml to 3.0.23 [Jim Gay]
29cf525 @johnmuhl Update CHANGELOG
johnmuhl authored
153 * Clicking on a tab focuses the associated textarea [John Muhl]
9f06e69 @will-r other text files markdowned, generator and tests updated
will-r authored
154 * Localize <r:date> [Jim Gay]
155 * Make any date column a valid value for <r:date /> [Jim Gay]
156 * Move url methods to path [Jim Gay]
29cf525 @johnmuhl Update CHANGELOG
johnmuhl authored
157 * Allow use of custom TextFilter names [Petrik de Heus]
158 * Prevent autofill when at new-user form [Gert Goet]
9f06e69 @will-r other text files markdowned, generator and tests updated
will-r authored
159 * Set autocomplete="off" for password fields [Gert Goet]
160 * Allow loading of database templates from extensions [Jim Gay]
161 * Restore Roasters template styling [Jim Gay]
29cf525 @johnmuhl Update CHANGELOG
johnmuhl authored
162 * Auto-expand Status and Actions columns to prevent clipping [Benny Degezelle]
163 * Fix config import/export [William Ross]
164 * Add Radiant.config method and radiant_config.rb initializer [William Ross]
165 * Add configuration interface, with validation and error reporting [William Ross]
166 * Close other menus when dropdown option clicked [Jim Gay]
167 * Move markdown_filter into an extension [John Muhl]
168 * Adding the <r:hide> tag to replace <r:comment> [Jim Gay]
169 * Change "Website" to "More Info" on the Extensions page [Jim Gay]
170 * Don't allow children for File Not Found pages [Jim Gay]
171 * Get the children for the menu explicitly [Jim Gay]
172 * Ensure parent_id and @page are set on Page#new [Jim Gay]
173 * Move export into an extension [Jim Gay]
174 * Add "noself" attribute to breadcrumbs tag [William Ross]
175 * Separate Env Dump page into a debug extension [Jim Gay]
176 * Support PageFields in imports & exports [Josh French]
177 * More granular regionsets in Pages#edit [Josh French]
178 * Integrate Compass [John Long]
179 * Update the prototype import task [Jim Gay]
180 * Fix bug for filtered Snippets not showing stored filter [Jim Gay]
181 * Fix Layouts pagination [Andrew vonderLuft]
182 * Fix Snippet pagination [Andrew vonderLuft]
183 * Exclude dot files (e.g. .svn) in rake radiant:update:sass [Andrew vonderLuft]
184 * Expose attribute assignment in Pages#new [Josh French]
185 * Rename Page#fields[] to Page#field() [Josh French]
186 * Add #scheduled? to Page [Jim Gay]
9f06e69 @will-r other text files markdowned, generator and tests updated
will-r authored
187 * Added the Sheets extension to manage Javascript and Stylesheets [Jim Gay]
29cf525 @johnmuhl Update CHANGELOG
johnmuhl authored
188 * Update toSlug to allow periods in slugs [Jim Gay]
189 * Protect against gems that are required but not installed [Sean Cribbs]
190 * Updated index views to use latest markup and styles [John Long]
191 * Integrated PageFields extension into core [Josh French]
9f06e69 @will-r other text files markdowned, generator and tests updated
will-r authored
192 * Page-type select menu moved to Pages#index [Josh French]
193 * Allow gem-extensions to override core views [Josh French]
194 * Popup.js fix for multiple control instances [Josh French]
196 ## Refraction 0.9.1 (June 27, 2010)
198 * Added missing i18n translations for aggregate tages [Jim Gay]
199 * Fixed a bug with status_id PostgreSQL [Jim Gay]
201 ## Refraction 0.9.0 (June 25, 2010)
203 * Pull in aggregate tags from the aggregation extension [John Muhl, Sean Cribbs, Jim Gay]
204 * Fixed a bug which could cause the preferences submenu to dissapear [Mario Visic, Jim Gay]
205 * Fixed a bug PostgreSQL for creating pages with nested attributes [Andrew Cates]
206 * Updated to Rails 2.3.8 [Jim Gay]
207 * Added admin and Radius tag pagination [William Ross]
208 * Added will_paginate dependency [William Ross, Jim Gay]
209 * Added <r:gravatar/> radius tag [John Muhl]
210 * Exposed important view locals for partials that hook into the admin UI [Mislav Marohnić]
211 * Update to cucumber-rails 0.3.0 [Jim Gay]
212 * Update to Haml 2.2.24 [Jim Gay]
213 * Allow loading extension routes from the extension's config/routes.rb [Jim Gay]
214 * Cache admin.js in update task [Janne Asmala]
215 * Finally rename User.protected_attributes to unprotected_attributes [Jim Gay]
216 * Support i18n [Keith Bingman, many others]
217 * Only run migrate and update tasks with script/extension if they exist [John Muhl, Jim Gay]
218 * Dropped BlueCloth for kramdown [John Muhl]
219 * Updated sample images for Textile and Markdown [Jim Gay]
220 * Refactored Sass to separate out common styles [Jim Gay]
221 * Upgraded to HAML 2.2.19 [Jim Gay]
222 * Add future publishing feature [Anna Billstrom, Benny Degezelle, Jim Gay]
223 * Fixed support for newer Cucumber version [M. Scott Ford, William Ross]
224 * Fixed a bug in if/unless_content tags [Benny Degezelle]
225 * Support packaging extensions as gems [Josh French]
226 * Add tag reference to Layouts and Snippets [Jim Gay]
227 * Handle deploying to a sub-directory [Jim Gay]
228 * Ensure that generator specs actually test properly [Travis D. Warlick]
229 * Properly display errors on user password changes [Jim Gay]
230 * Prevent admin from removing her own admin privilege [Jim Gay]
231 * Move to Rails 2.3.5 [Jim Gay]
232 * Simplify admin tab API [Jim Gay, John Long, Sean Cribbs]
233 * Turned on HAML's "ugly" whitespace mode in production [John Muhl]
234 * Use HTML 5 doctype. [John Muhl]
235 * Miscellaneous HTML standards improvements [John Muhl]
236 * Fixed bug where pages were being cached in dev mode. This has been a problem since switching to Rack::Cache. [Jason Garber]
237 * Snippets are now only accessible to people with the "Designer" role. [John Long]
238 * Renamed "Developer" role to "Designer". [John Long]
239 * Verify that the cache directory exists before trying to store a response. [Sean Cribbs]
240 * Fix page-part deletion in JS. [Sean Cribbs]
241 * Don't cache extension-defined javascripts, but do cache the defaults. [Sean Cribbs]
242 * Fix dev-site behavior when '' is configured. [Chris Ricca]
243 * Concatenate admin javascript files. [John Muhl]
244 * Use more descriptive page titles. [John Muhl]
245 * Allow non-standard controller methods for render_region. [Jim Gay]
246 * Updated to use Radius 0.6.1. [John Long]
247 * Correct type on content-type and move to more/hide language. [John Long]
248 * Add some helpful shortcut keys. [Sean Cribbs]
249 * Implemented "Blade" user-interface. [John Long, Chris Parrish, Daniel Beach, Brandon Mathis, Sean Cribbs, Ben Morrow, John Muhl]
251 ## 0.8.2 Lustery (April 27, 2010)
253 * Allow rake tasks to run if a higher version of Cucumber is installed [Jim Gay]
255 ## 0.8.1 Luster (September 5, 2009)
257 * Move default cache location to tmp. [Sean Cribbs]
258 * Upgrade Rails and dataset. [Sean Cribbs]
259 * Updated README and INSTALL. [John Long]
260 * Don't use Symbol#to_proc in initializer because ActiveSupport hasn't loaded yet.
261 * Fix links to Textile reference in the wake of _why's disappearance. [Jason Garber]
262 * Correct bug when submitting a POST to a cached page. [Sean Cribbs]
263 * Fix typo in generator for features task. [Jim Gay]
264 * Page parts may already be marked for destruction, don't explicitly set false. [Kunal Shah]
265 * Merge latest version of Radius [Kunal Shah]
266 * Helpers for extension_enabled? [Kunal Shah]
267 * Respond to show methods with xml rendering [Jeremy Stephens]
268 * Support DB2 [Antonio Cangiano]
269 * Properly check for existing page parts when creating a new part. [alexmek]
270 * Use the correct variable name so the extension name is part of the output. [John Muhl]
271 * Generate Cucumber support for extensions [Jim Gay]
272 * Require Cucumber version 0.3.9 or greater in cucumber.rake [Jim Gay]
273 * Set generated extensions to require 'application_controller' [Jim Gay]
274 * Add import/export tasks for Radiant::Config [Jim Gay]
275 * Set Radiant::Config to cache info in the Rails.cache [Jim Gay]
276 * Markup fixes [Justin Blecher, Alex Wallace]
277 * Use Rails for time zone handling [Kunal Shah, Josh French]
278 * Allow extensions to declare dependencies [Josh French]
279 * Expose Rails configuration to extensions. [Josh French]
280 * Set template_name for all resourceful action types [Josh French]
281 * Load Metal from Extensions [Jim Gay]
283 ## 0.8.0 Asterism (June 14, 2009)
285 * Warn about using the RedCloth 3 fallback. [Sean Cribbs, Jason Garber]
286 * Prevent stty errors on JRuby while running bootstrap. [Sean Cribbs]
287 * Moved template_name to ApplicationController [Jim Gay, Michael Kessler]
288 * Remove vizres plugin. [Sean Cribbs]
289 * Update instance config/environments to remove ResponseCache [Jim Gay]
290 * Remove :order option from <r:children:count />, which causes errors on postgresql. [Sean Cribbs]
291 * Prevent recursion via the <r:content /> tag. [Sean Cribbs]
292 * Update Highline. [Sean Cribbs]
293 * Update Cucumber and RSpec, clean up some features and fix specs. [Sean Cribbs]
294 * Set the protected attributes for users in User.protected_attributes [Jim Gay]
295 * Don't allow a nil ETag in SiteController. [David Cato]
296 * Prevent failed login message from sticking around. [Kunal Shah]
297 * Fix failing test regarding extension order. [Brett McHargue]
298 * Catch ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound in Admin::ResourceController [Jim Gay]
299 * Catch missing template errors for show routes [Jim Gay]
300 * Fix with_error in render_matcher not causing the spec to fail when no exception raised. [Jason Garber]
301 * Make features task run in instance mode. [Sean Cribbs]
302 * Remove Admin::AbstractModelController. [Sean Cribbs]
303 * Cleanup deprecated Gem::manage_gems. [Sean Cribbs]
304 * Add begin...rescue blocks to rspec.rake [Sean Cribbs]
305 * Add begin...rescue blocks for requiring cucumber. [Matt Henry]
306 * Deprecate ResponseCache, add Radiant::Cache based on Rack::Cache. [Sean Cribbs]
307 * Use app name for session cookie. [Josh French]
308 * Upgrade to Rails 2.3.2. [Sean Cribbs, Rick DeNatale, Josh French, Kunal Shah]
309 * Populate config.extensions so extensions can be disabled easily. [Jason Garber]
310 * Convert integration specs to Cucumber stories and update RSpec. [Sean Cribbs]
311 * Use ActionView::PathSet instead of normal arrays for view paths. [Pat Allan]
312 * Don't raise exception on unauthenticated request to /admin/logout. [Josh French]
313 * Reverse view paths order in extension loader. [Sean Cribbs, Brent Kroeker]
314 * Remove obviated Ruby 1.8.7 compatibility patch. [Sean Cribbs]
315 * Adjust StandardTags#relative_url_for for case when relative_url_root is nil. [Sean Cribbs]
316 * Correct rendering error in extensions controller. [Sean Cribbs]
317 * Correct typo in config/boot.rb. [Sean Cribbs]
318 * Major refactoring and simplification of LoginSystem. [Sean Cribbs]
319 * Update Haml to 2.0.7. [Sean Cribbs]
320 * Upgrade to Rails 2.2.2. [Sean Cribbs]
321 * Cleanup the config class a little, add some more documentation. [Sean Cribbs]
322 * Avoid bootstrap errors related to Radiant::Config by checking for table existence. [Sean Cribbs]
323 * Correct status code typo in Admin::ResourceController. [Sean Cribbs]
325 ## 0.7.1 Engraving (February 15, 2009)
327 * Properly escape page part contents in the UI. [John Muhl, Sean Cribbs]
328 * Fix tag reference popup and spec out helper better. [Sean Cribbs]
330 ## 0.7.0 Intaglio (February 7, 2009)
332 * Add Roasters template. [Paul du Coudray]
333 * Make ResponseCache spec insensitive to key order. [Sean Cribbs]
334 * Adjust <r:children:count /> to use same options as <r:children:each />. [Sean Cribbs]
335 * Allowing for custom labels and other options in save_model_button. [Pat Allan]
336 * Ignoring TextMate project files. [Pat Allan]
337 * Present a more helpful error message when missing a mailer template. [Nikolay Karev]
338 * Use ActiveRecord:Base#[] and ActiveRecord:Base#[]= instead of undocumented read_attribute and write_attribute. [August Lilleas]
339 * Make extension installer use git submodules when appropriate. [Sean Cribbs]
340 * Ease extension updates by proxying deprecated named routes. [Sean Cribbs]
341 * Add support and specs for conditional GETs with ETags. [Sean Cribbs]
342 * Initialize and update submodules when freezing edge. [John Muhl]
343 * Add Nginx support to ResponseCache. [Sean Cribbs]
344 * Changed (some) permissions examples not to use login_system_matcher. [Brandan Lennox]
345 * Remove expensive grep of Rails log in spec. [Rick DeNatale]
346 * Make markdown filter specs be tolerant of RDiscount. [Sean Cribbs]
347 * Be more explicit about vendor libraries, move Textile requirement into core. [Sean Cribbs]
348 * Add <r:children:each:if/unless_first/last> tags. [Rick DeNatale]
349 * Use RDiscount's smart quotes instead of SmartyPants. [John Muhl]
350 * Update extension generator to use new admin REST routing. [Jeroen Janssen]
351 * Update Admin::ResourceController to overcome respond_to weaknesses by choosing HTML format by default. [Sean Cribbs]
352 * Add an IE-specific integration spec. [Jeroen Janssen]
353 * Update dataset, spec_integration, and vizres plugins. [Sean Cribbs]
354 * Make specs and bootstrap work in instance mode. [Sean Cribbs]
355 * Override spec:integration task and rescope some spec task options to RADIANT_ROOT. [Sean Cribbs]
356 * Improve rspec-1.1.12 compatibility. [Sean Cribbs]
357 * Add Ruby 1.8.7 compatibility patch. [Sean Cribbs]
358 * Fix upgrade issue from 0.5.x where class_name is expected to be present. [Sean Cribbs]
359 * Remove unneeded patch. [Sean Cribbs]
360 * Add some inline documentation to resource controller. [Sean Cribbs]
361 * Fix some form problems on pages. [Sean Cribbs]
362 * Fix form on snippets/remove. [Sean Cribbs]
363 * Make sure resourceful responses deeply clone on inheritance. [Sean Cribbs]
364 * Fix broken Ajax children callback. [Sean Cribbs]
365 * Fix broken URL in snippets/remove. [Sean Cribbs]
366 * Correct assume_migrated_upto_version behavior in instance mode. [Sean Cribbs]
367 * Correct missing @@configuration variable in initializer. [John Muhl]
368 * Handle SQL special characters in extension names in migrations. [Erik Ostrom]
369 * Converted extension migrations to use schema_migrations table instead of extension_meta. [Nathaniel Talbott, Sean Cribbs, Rick DeNatale]
370 * Replaced scenarios with dataset. [Nathaniel Talbott, Adam Williams, Rick DeNatale]
371 * Fix RSpec git submodules. [Nathaniel Talbott, Clinton Nixon]
372 * Generate and fix gemspec for GitHub. [Sean Cribbs]
373 * Add support for newer Textile and Markdown libraries, with fallbacks on packaged libraries. [Sean Cribbs, Jason Garber]
374 * Make request parameters available to tags. [Brian Landau]
375 * Add URL method helpers to tags. [Brian Landau]
376 * Add some database indexes. [Yevgeny Smirnoff]
377 * Added notice to install RSpec if a certain database error occurs. [Sytse Sijbrandij]
378 * Refactor LoginSystem to use filter-skipping instead of controller tracking. [Sean Cribbs]
379 * Add generator specs and more generators. [Brian Landau]
380 * Add initial integration specs. [Adam Williams, Mark Imbriaco]
381 * Refactor admin controllers and views toward RESTful principles. [Sean Cribbs, Clinton Nixon, Rick DeNatale]
382 * Remove RSpec from packaged libraries. [Sean Cribbs]
383 * Correct CSS validation errors. [John Muhl]
384 * Add String#to_slug. [Andrew O'Brien]
385 * New page parts should have the default filter_id. [Joe Van Dyk]
386 * Show draft children by default on dev host. [Sean Cribbs]
387 * Correct db:schema:dump error when in instance mode. [Pat Allan, Sean Cribbs]
388 * Simplify set_javascripts_and_stylesheets. [Sean Cribbs]
389 * Cleanup boot.rb and allow generators from user-installed plugins. [Sean Cribbs]
390 * Added regions to user-preferences screen. [Jim Gay]
391 * Apply Rails redirect sanitization patch. [Sean Cribbs]
392 * Updated to Rspec and Rspec-Rails 1.1.8 [Jim Gay]
393 * Added development dependency to INSTALL [Matt Henry]
394 * Added reference to sample database configuration files to INSTALL. [Keith Bennett]
395 * Added ZenTest development dependency to README. [Thomas Ingram]
396 * Remove REXML expansion fix, included in Rails 2.1.1 [Sean Cribbs]
397 * Upgrade to 2.1.1 [Sean Cribbs]
398 * Fixed migrations for Rails 2.1 [Josh French]
399 * Fixed final specs [Jim Gay]
400 * Fixed up some specs for new Rails/RSpec [Josh French]
401 * Updated timezone management [Josh French]
402 * Update to Rails 2.1 [Jim Gay]
403 * Update to RSpec 1.1.4 [Jim Gay]
404 * Make Git extension install method recognize submodules. [Sean Cribbs]
405 * Fix malformed Textile in standard tag descriptions. [Jason Garber]
406 * Update script/extension help output. [Jim Gay]
407 * Allow load_subclasses to work when multiple apps are on the same database. [Jim Gay]
408 * Add REXML expansion fix. [Sean Cribbs]
409 * Fix filter_reference admin helper for filter names that have spaces in them. [Mislav Marohnić]
410 * Make script/extension more friendly, adding help and info commands. [Sean Cribbs]
411 * Added more render regions to layout, snippet, user, and extension views. [Sean Cribbs]
412 * Fixed the radiant:update:scripts to find the proper directory [Jim Gay]
413 * Factor out dev? functionality in StandardTags, allowing other tags to access it. [Sean Cribbs]
415 ## 0.6.9 Etch (August 1, 2008)
417 * Make <r:random> accept dynamically generated options. [Jim Gay, Sean Cribbs]
418 * Correctly set default 'inherit' to false on <r:unless_content> [Mark A. Yoon]
419 * Correct authenticity token errors when using cookie session store [Sean Cribbs]
420 * Make script/extension executable. [Sean Cribbs]
421 * Correct bugs in radiant:freeze:edge task. [Sean Cribbs]
422 * Fix strange Page subclass loading errors in development mode. [Sean Cribbs]
423 * Fix typo in if_content description. [Jim Gay]
424 * Correct error in radiant:update:configs task. [Sean Cribbs]
426 ## 0.6.8 Incise (July 27, 2008)
428 * Hide page publish date selector unless page.edit.published_date? config is set. [Sean Cribbs]
429 * Add <r:yield /> tag to support snippets that accept blocks. [Andrew Neil]
430 * Fix bug with FileNotFoundPage subclasses and draft status. [Glenn Murray]
431 * Update radiant:freeze:edge task to support BRANCH, TAG, and REVISION. [John Muhl]
432 * Update to Haml 2.0.1. [Jim Gay]
433 * Fix radiant:update:configs task to properly evaluate environment.rb [Sean Cribbs]
434 * Fix page subclass loading issues. [Sean Cribbs]
435 * Add <r:unless_ancestor_or_self> and <r:unless_self> tags. [Tim Gossett]
436 * Add specific installation modes for gzip and bzip2 compression. [Sean Cribbs]
437 * Added extension installation scripts. [Sean Cribbs]
438 * Added find attr to r:if_content and r:unless_content to expand based on finding 'any' or 'all' specified parts [Jim Gay]
439 * Added inherit attr to r:if_content and r:unless_content to search for parts independently in the page tree. [Jim Gay]
440 * Update radiant:freeze:edge task to use git and GitHub. [John Muhl]
441 * Update login page layout from prototype. [Sean Cribbs]
442 * Change order of extension paths to prefer project extensions over Radiant's. [John Muhl]
443 * Switch default session store to cookies [Josh French]
444 * Add remember-me function to login [Josh French]
445 * Allow an inclusive list of parts in r:if_content and r:unless_content [Jim Gay]
446 * Added a config setting for setting a default page filter. [Alex Wayne]
447 * Fix Users fixtures for extensions that still use test/unit. [Nick Plante]
448 * Don't search for missing Page subclasses before bootstrap. [Sean Cribbs]
449 * Added tolerance for missing Page class definitions. [Loren Johnson]
450 * Don't require an authenticity token check on the login action. [Sean Cribbs]
451 * Make sure region sets are reloaded when activating extensions in development mode. [Sean Cribbs]
452 * Fix Haml rendering errors. [Thomas Watson Steen]
454 ## 0.6.7 Mordant (May 16, 2008)
456 * Integrate shards extension into core. [Sean Cribbs]
457 * Convert all views to Haml. [Sean Cribbs, John Long]
458 * Avoid authenticity check when listing page children. [Sean Cribbs]
459 * Add radiant:extensions:update_all task. [Josh French]
460 * Tweak LoginSystem to allow attempted URL redirection after login and auto-redirect from login URL if logged in. [Josh French]
461 * Add per-user salting to password encryption. [Sean Cribbs]
462 * Address CSRF vulnerabilities in forms. [Sean Cribbs]
463 * Remove clear cache action, always clear cache after saving a page. [Sean Cribbs]
465 ## 0.6.6 Chiseled (April 20, 2008)
467 * Make sure extension view paths override Radiant view paths. [Josh French]
468 * Fix problem in framework.rake when public/javascripts/admin doesn't exist. [Sean Cribbs]
470 ## 0.6.5 Chisel (April 19, 2008)
472 * Convert StandardTags specs to nested describe blocks. [Sean Cribbs]
473 * Remove test/unit tests - all RSpec now. [Sean Cribbs]
474 * Fix radiant:update:javascripts task. [Sean Cribbs]
475 * Fix problem in test fixtures. [Adam Keyes]
476 * Add <r:meta /> tag and appropriate fields to pages table. [Sean Cribbs]
477 * Move admin-related javascripts to admin/. [Bjørn Arild Mæland]
478 * Add if_self and if_ancestor_or_self tags. [Marty Haught, Sean Cribbs]
479 * Rename created_by and updated_by columns on standard models. [Sean Cribbs]
480 * Fix Dir glob for extension rake tasks. [Sean Cribbs]
481 * Respect view_paths set by plugins in extensions. [xtoddx]
482 * Move extra initialization into after_initialize block. [Sean Cribbs]
483 * Notice area now fades away after 3 seconds. [Andrew O'Brien]
484 * <r:find /> now accepts paths relative to the current page. [Andrew O'Brien]
485 * Update RSpec and RSpec on Rails to r3333. [Josh French]
486 * Add autotest support for Radiant and extensions. [Josh French]
487 * Add pkg/ ignore to git, correct CSS problems with fieldset tables. [Sean Cribbs]
488 * Ignore git files when building gem. [Sean Cribbs]
489 * Fix generated test and spec harnesses, convert core extensions to specs. [Sean Cribbs]
490 * Cover edge case in Page spec. [Sean Cribbs]
491 * Increase coverage of helper, controller, and model specs. [Sean Cribbs]
492 * Correct some view and spec bugs. [Sean Cribbs]
493 * Added specs for view helpers. [Sean Cribbs]
494 * Use TH for fieldset tables and correct error in CSS. [skrat]
495 * Adjust admin links and r:breadcrumbs tag to deal with Rails site prefix. [Sean Cribbs]
496 * Adjust tags to deal with Rails site prefix (relative_url_root). [Sean Cribbs]
497 * Resolve issue with undefined method :view_paths in ActionMailer. [Sean Cribbs]
498 * Fixed incompatibility with RubyGems >= 0.9.5 that broke radiant:freeze:gems rake task. [Michael Klett]
499 * Fixed problem with the list of templates containing duplicates in the db:bootstrap rake task when not running in instance mode. [John Long]
500 * Update Subversion URL so rake radiant:freeze:edge works. [John Long]
501 * Add AVLUX to list of links in Styled Blog template. [John Long]
502 * Fix Ruby 1.8.5 compatibility issue with Dir[]. [Sean Cribbs]
503 * Backup old environment.rb when copying new version. [Sean Cribbs]
504 * Fill out more controller specs. [Sean Cribbs]
505 * Fix Admin::PageController specs. [Sean Cribbs]
506 * Make autotest work. [Matthew Elder]
507 * Clean up cache files before running site_controller spec. [Matthew Elder]
508 * Add r:status tag. [Andrew O'Brien]
509 * Add ability to set publication date manually. [Nick Plante, Sean Cribbs]
510 * Remove blank nodes in r:navigation tag. [ben]
511 * Bubble up parsing exceptions in development mode. [jonleighton]
512 * Fix authorization system for controller inheritance [Josh French]
513 * Add 'nolinks' attribute to breadcrumbs tag. [abstractioneer]
514 * Fix fixtures for RSpec enabled extensions. [andreas]
515 * Generate extensions with RSpec support by default, fix rake and script/spec in instance mode. [Andrew O'Brien]
516 * Support database templates in a Radiant instance. [Benny Degezelle]
517 * Make rake test:extensions work in instance mode. [Daniel Sheppard]
518 * Fix tests failing in instance mode with config.extensions set. [Daniel Sheppard]
519 * Finished converting page_controller_test.rb to page_controller_spec.rb [John Long]
520 * Completed converting user_controller_test.rb to user_controller_spec.rb [John Long]
521 * Fix failing extension loading tests, remove irrelevant ones. [Sean Cribbs]
522 * Fix test:extensions Rake task. [Sean Cribbs]
523 * Prevent following the link that toggles visibility of meta items on page edit. [Mislav Marohnić]
524 * Fix extension loader and previously failing unit tests; update specs. [Mislav Marohnić]
525 * Fixed problem with response_cached? returning true when perform caching was off; fixed failing spec. [John Long]
526 * Fixed issues with whitespace in page.rb. [John Long]
527 * Fix filtering in tag reference popup. [Mislav Marohnić]
528 * Updated rspec and rspec_on_rails. [John Long]
529 * Add more controller specs and a matcher for LoginSystem features. [Sean Cribbs]
530 * Make all extensions loaded by default. [Sean Cribbs]
531 * Update extension loader spec. [Sean Cribbs]
532 * Work around a nasty issue with extensions + Dependencies unloading in development mode. [Mislav Marohnić]
533 * Fix the tree expansion issue in admin interface (cookie-related). minor cleanup server-side [Mislav Marohnić]
534 * Cleanup up the underscore layout hack by using method chain. [Mislav Marohnić]
535 * Refactored initialization, extension loading, updated plugins. [Sean Cribbs]
536 * Fix SiteController#show_page for Rails 2.0. [Mislav Marohnić]
537 * Minor optimization for Page; remove the unneccessary 'virtual' accessor. [Mislav Marohnić]
538 * Fix tests for PostgreSQL: comment out a test that breaks most of the specs somehow. [Mislav Marohnić]
539 * Failures in initializer_spec.rb fixed [John Long]
540 * Failure in site_controller_spec.rb fixed. [John Long]
541 * The last test/unit failure is now fixed. [John Long]
542 * Failing tests in page_controller_test.rb fixed. [John Long]
543 * Error in response cache spec fixed. [Keeran Hawoldar]
544 * ActionController::Base.view_paths is now set correctly for extensions. [John Long]
545 * Changed view extensions to ".html.erb" [John Long]
546 * Fixed content type test failures. [John Long]
547 * Fix page_test. [John Long]
548 * Updated environments. [John Long]
549 * Modify ApplicationController spec. [Loren Johnson]
550 * Modify SiteController spec. [Loren Johnson]
551 * Fix failing unit test for old type of logger. [Daniel Sheppard]
552 * Fix problems preventing script/console from running: acts_as_tree is now a plugin, view_paths is now a core feature. [Daniel Sheppard]
553 * Upgrade to Rails 2.0.2 [Daniel Sheppard]
554 * Escape angle brackets to avoid assertion warnings in StandardTags. [Sean Cribbs]
555 * Remove unused ConsoleUtils module and fix failing specs. [Sean Cribbs]
556 * Added standard_tags_spec.rb [John Long]
557 * Make sure all scenario pages have at least a body part. [Sean Cribbs]
558 * Added render matcher. [John Long]
559 * Modify pages scenario. [Loren Johnson]
560 * A beginning on the Application and Site controller specs. [Loren Johnson]
561 * Fix failing specs - use of before(:all) when before(:each) was needed [Daniel Sheppard]
562 * Fix failing extension_load_order_test.rb [Daniel Sheppard]
563 * Don't load scenarios stuff unless using specs. [Sean Cribbs]
564 * Add initializer spec. [Sean Cribbs]
565 * Add extension loader spec and refactorings. [Sean Cribbs]
566 * Added user_spec.rb [John Long]
567 * Upgrade Rails to 1.2.6. [Sean Cribbs]
568 * Added user_action_observer_spec.rb [John Long]
569 * Removed duplicate load paths from environments/test.rb [John Long]
570 * Added text_filter_spec.rb [John Long]
571 * Added status_spec.rb [John Long]
572 * Added spec/models/snippet_spec.rb [John Long]
573 * Added response_cache_spec.rb [John Long]
574 * Small improvements to page_part_spec.rb [John Long]
575 * Remove duplicate specs and move Radiant::ExtensionMigrator? spec to proper location. [Sean Cribbs]
576 * Fix admin.js to initialize TabControl even if there are no tabs. [Benny Degezelle]
577 * Correct RenderTestHelper to better resemble expectations from Rails. [Sean Cribbs]
578 * Add model specs and scenarios. [John Long]
579 * Modify script/spec to work in instance mode. [Andrew O'Brien]
580 * Add RSpec to load path in test environment. [Andrew O'Brien]
581 * Add specs for Radiant::Extension and Radiant::Taggable. [Sean Cribbs]
582 * Fixed admin CSS for IE6 - ugly borders begone! [Bjørn Arild Mæland]
583 * Fixed that homepage is no longer cached outside of cache dir, but to "". [Bjørn Arild Mæland]
584 * Fix typo in pngfix.js. [Mislav Marohnić]
585 * Turn off auto-loading RSpec stuff, even in test environment. [Mislav Marohnić]
586 * Add specs for Annotatable, InheritableClassAttributes, LocalTime, MethodObserver, and Simpleton. [Sean Cribbs]
587 * Add spec for Radiant::AdminUI and Users scenario. [Sean Cribbs]
588 * Import and create boilerplate for RSpec and Scenarios. [Sean Cribbs]
589 * Honor config.extensions when running rake test:extensions and also include core extensions. [Daniel Sheppard]
590 * Propagate global page when using <r:content /> with inherit attribute. [Sean Cribbs]
592 ## 0.6.4 Gem Shaper (November 10, 2007)
594 * Extract Archive pages into a core extension. Add automatic testing of core extensions from default test task. [Sean Cribbs]
595 * Add <r:if_children /> and <r:unless_children /> tags. [Andrew Neil]
596 * Add HTML labels to role checkboxes in user edit template. [zilkey]
597 * Cleanup whitespace and line-endings in environment.rb. [Bjørn Arild Mæland]
598 * Fix various SQL Server issues via Rails ticket #8886. [Mark Gallop]
599 * Refactor locals from _node.rhtml into Admin::NodeHelper. [Sean Cribbs]
600 * Fix XHTML validation errors in view templates. [Bjørn Arild Mæland]
601 * Update Prototype and to 1.6 and 1.8 releases. [Sean Cribbs]
602 * Fix edge case in tabcontrol.js where tab label is incorrect. [Sean Cribbs]
603 * Remove duplication in admin.js. [Sean Cribbs]
604 * Factor TimeZone stuff out of Radiant::Config into a module, fix failing tests. [Sean Cribbs]
605 * Add has_part?, inherits_part?, and has_or_inherits_part? methods to Page. [ana]
606 * Allow setting of local timezone via Radiant::Config and auto-adjustment of times in admin UI and <r:date /> tag. [Bodhi Philpot]
607 * Update to latest Prototype and and refactor and extract inline Javascript into external files. [Mislav Marohnić]
608 * Narrow scope of exception to only throw on missing fixture files, allowing invalid yaml errors through. [Daniel Sheppard]
609 * Added tests to ensure that response_cache stays within the cache dir. [Daniel Sheppard]
610 * Add assert_requires_login to LoginTestHelper. [Sean Cribbs]
611 * Make sure tag binding stack is popped when an exception occurs. []
612 * Clean up some apparent cruft in page.rb [Daniel Sheppard]
613 * Add logout method to LoginTestHelper. [Sean Cribbs]
614 * Run single extension tests with rake test:extensions EXT=<extension_name> [Brian Skahan]
615 * Update Javascript libraries to Prototype 1.6.0_rc1 and 1.8.0_pre1. [Mislav Marohnić]
616 * Fixed <r:attempted_url /> tag to escape the uri [Daniel Sheppard]
617 * Allow parts to be accessed by name from Page#part before they are saved. [Sean Cribbs]
618 * Disambiguate namespace of ActionMailer::Part. [Sean Cribbs]
619 * Fix namespacing problem with ActionController::RoutingError. [Sean Cribbs]
620 * Update Rails to 1.2.5. [John Long]
621 * Ensured that the request and response are passed along to other pages that are rendered within the same context. [John Long]
622 * Added <r:if_dev /> and <r:unless_dev /> tags. [Peter Berkenbosch]
623 * Removed session stringification patch in test helper. [Sean Cribbs]
624 * Update Rails to 1.2.4. [Sean Cribbs]
625 * Add extensions paths to the standard $LOAD_PATH so requires work properly. [Sean Cribbs]
626 * Fixed some loading issues for plugins that are included in extensions. [Sean Cribbs]
628 ## 0.6.3 Rock Grinder (October 6, 2007)
630 * Add generic public/ copy task to generated extensions. [Sean Cribbs]
631 * Fix typo in StandardTags. [oli]
632 * Added db:remigrate:extensions task. [Sean Cribbs]
633 * Show all child pages on remove confirmation, regardless of sitemap expansion. [Sean Cribbs]
634 * Make LoginSystem store user ids in session rather than whole user objects. [Sean Cribbs]
635 * Plugins included in an extension's vendor/plugins directory will automatically be loaded before the extension is activated. Plugins
636 included in more than one extension will be loaded only once according to the extension load order. [Sean Cribbs]
637 * Allow subclassing of FileNotFoundPage. [Daniel Sheppard]
638 * <r:find/> should not return FileNotFoundPage. [Daniel Sheppard]
639 * Change test for tabs to just check dupes and for the requested tab rather than a specific list (test was breaking if a real extension added a tab). [Daniel Sheppard]
640 * Ensure test extensions are loaded in the test environment. [Daniel Sheppard]
641 * Prevent ExtensionInitializationTest from unloading real extensions. [Daniel Sheppard]
642 * Expire the old URL from the cache when the page slug changes. [Daniel Sheppard]
643 * Fix failing tests in instance mode. [Daniel Sheppard]
644 * Move difference assertions upstream from forms extension into a test helper. [Sean Cribbs]
645 * Update Prototype to 1.5.0 final release. [Sean Cribbs]
646 * Allow specification of extension loading order in environment.rb [Daniel Sheppard]
647 * Fix bugs in assert_global_tag_defined and assert_tag_defined of ExtensionTagTestHelper. [Sean Cribbs]
648 * Make sure included stylesheets and javascripts are only linked to once in <head>. [Sean Cribbs]
649 * Fix navigation tag tests. [vitali]
650 * Suppress errors about missing default helper by providing a blank helper. [Sean Cribbs]
651 * Fix mis-alignment of "Clear cache" button when homepage not present. [Sean Cribbs]
652 * Fix issues with misnesting of modules in fixture loading extension and test suites running randomly from dispatchers. [Sean Cribbs]
653 * Remove invalid image alignment. [tolbrino]
654 * Display not_found.rhtml on standard 'not found'-like exceptions. [Sean Cribbs]
655 * Make sitemap.js use relative URLs. [Earl Chew]
656 * Preliminary support for active_record sessions. [John Long]
658 ## 0.6.2 Jewel Carver (June 23, 2007)
660 * Removed some of the database specific code from the ArchiveFinder [Daniel Sheppard]
661 * Fixed typo in extension model generator documentation. [John Long]
662 * Reworked the way the generator extension is loaded (closing #500) [Keita]
663 * Fixed failing unit tests in instance mode [Daniel Sheppard]
664 * Modified the page edit form to use multipart/form-data (useful for an upload extension) [Sean Cribbs]
666 ## 0.6.1 Stone Cutter (May 5, 2007)
668 * Fixed a security vulnerability which caused passwords to appear in the logs [John Long]
669 * Fixed a bug in the site map code which caused it to forget which rows were expanded [John Long]
670 * The find_by_url method has been optimized to improve performance [Daniel Sheppard]
671 * GET requests are now the only requests that are cached [Daniel Sheppard]
672 * Added rudimentary support for extension dependency specification through directory prefixing [Daniel Sheppard]
673 * Fixed syntax error in fixture loading extension [Sean Cribbs]
674 * Minor documentation fix for date tag [Sean Cribbs]
675 * Fixed a bug in the migrations that prevented 0.5.x users from upgrading properly [Sean Cribbs]
677 ## 0.6.0 Lapidary (April 24, 2007)
679 * Added support for extensions--an extremely flexible way to extend radiant [John Long]
680 * Merged Behaviors into the Page class; subclass page now instead [John Long]
681 * Improved database support for Postgres and Sqlite [John Long]
682 * Limited support for SQL Server [John Long]
683 * Exceptions from tags now bubble up during testing [John Long]
684 * Page parts are now sorted by ID so the order that you create them in is preserved [Josh Ferguson]
685 * Implemented tag documentation DSL and UI [Sean Cribbs]
686 * Reworked the setup code [John Long]
687 * Renamed script/setup_database to rake db:bootstrap [John Long]
688 * Reworked the upgrade code to work around rake tasks [John Long]
689 * Added rake tasks for freezing and unfreezing radiant to the edge [John Long]
690 * r:children:each, r:children:first, and r:children:last now all accept the same ordering and limit attributes and have the same defaults [John Long]
691 * Snippets are now responsive to global context via the r:page tag. This means that any tags inside r:page will refer to the page currently being rendered, i.e. the page requested, not the local contextual page via tags like r:children:each, etc. This is most relevant to recursive snippets like the sitemapper example [Sean Cribbs]
692 * r:navigation now uses the pipe character ("|") to delimit URLs in the urls attribute rather than the semi-colon [John Long]
693 * r:date now accepts a "for" attribute that specifies which attribute of the page to render. Valid values of the attribute are published_at, updated_at, created_at, and now. [John Long]
694 * Created the r:cycle tag to make alternating tables and lists possible [John Long]
695 * Added popups for filter and tag documentation inside the page editing interface [John Long]
696 * Added support for optimistic locking for all models [Daniel Sheppard]
697 * Added support to Radiant::Config for boolean values [Sean Cribbs]
698 * Caching no longer stores the headers and body in the same file [Daniel Sheppard]
699 * Added support for the X-Sendfile header that works in conjunction with caching to speed it up (by default X-Sendfile support is off) [Daniel Sheppard]
700 * Moved the images and stylesheets into images/admin and stylesheets/admin respectively to make it easier for Radiant's assets to coexist easily with the site's assets [John Long]
701 * Improved the Javascript that automatically updates the slug and breadcrumb based off of the title so that it now response to all change events [John Long]
702 * For the full scoop on what's changed see Sean Cribbs' detailed blog post:
704 ## 0.5.2 Raildust (August 10, 2006)
706 * Upgraded Rails to 1.1.6 because of a security vulnerability in 1.1.5 [John Long]
708 ## 0.5.1 Gemdust (August 10, 2006)
710 * Upgraded Rails to 1.1.5 because of a security vulnerability in 1.1.4 [John Long]
711 * Added basic support for upgrades to the `radiant` command [John Long]
712 * Gem now includes the .htaccess file (this should make Apache users happier) [John Long]
713 * Updated icons for layouts [John Long]
714 * Migrations are now repaired so that you can run `rake migrate` to create the initial database. (`script/setup_database` is still the recommended method.) (closes ticket #46) [Daniel Sheppard]
715 * When you collapse a branch in the admin page tree view and move to another tab the collapsed status is now saved so that when you return, the collapsed status is preserved. Also the status of collapsed branches is preserved when collapsing and expanding parent nodes. (closes ticket #29) [Daniel Sheppard]
716 * Fixed documentation problem in response_cache.rb (closes ticket #142) [Paul Smith]
717 * Fixed problem with timezones on fixtures causing tests to fail in Japan (closes ticket #154) [Bodhi Philpot]
718 * Fixed a problem with an error being thrown when the <r:context /> tag was rendered with the inherit attribute set to true and the page part did not exist (closes ticket #155) [Bodhi Philpot]
720 ## 0.5.0 Grindstone (June 28, 2006)
29cf525 @johnmuhl Update CHANGELOG
johnmuhl authored
722 * First release. [John Long]
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