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Feature: Rendering the navigation tag
In order to render the website content properly
the system
should parse radius tags
Scenario: Basic navigation rendering
Given I am logged in as "designer"
When I go to layouts
And I follow "Main"
And I fill in the "layout_content" content with the text
<r:navigation paths="First: /first | Another: /another | Parent: /parent">
<r:normal><a href="<r:path />"><r:title /></a></r:normal>
<r:here><strong><r:title /></strong></r:here>
<r:selected><strong><a href="<r:path />"><r:title /></a></strong></r:selected>
<r:between> | </r:between>
And I press "Save Changes"
And I follow "Logout"
And I go to "/"
Then the page should render
<a href="/first">First</a> | <a href="/another">Another</a> | <a href="/parent">Parent</a>
And I go to "/first"
Then the page should render
<strong>First</strong> | <a href="/another">Another</a> | <a href="/parent">Parent</a>
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