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See the INSTALL file for more details.
-== Installation of 0.9 Prerelease
+== Installation of a Prerelease
-Radiant 0.9 is nearing release. In the meantime, you can experiment with the prerelease version, currently Release Candidate 2.
+As Radiant nears newer releases, you can experiment with any prerelease version.
Install the prerelease gem with the following command:
$ gem install radiant --prerelease
-This will install the gem as ‘radiant-0.9.0.rc2’.
+This will install the gem with the prerelease name, for example: ‘radiant-0.9.0.rc2’.
-== Upgrading an Existing Project to 0.9
+== Upgrading an Existing Project to a newer version
1. Update the Radiant assets from in your project:

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