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Updated the navigation rendering cuke test to stop throwing a depreca…

…tion warning.
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1 parent f4beef9 commit 1bcb2b15dbd1d937e8bf0c31f698886f0d6c48f6 @SamWhited SamWhited committed with saturnflyer Feb 29, 2012
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@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ Feature: Rendering the navigation tag
And I follow "Main"
And I fill in the "layout_content" content with the text
- <r:navigation urls="First: /first | Another: /another | Parent: /parent">
+ <r:navigation paths="First: /first | Another: /another | Parent: /parent">
<r:normal><a href="<r:path />"><r:title /></a></r:normal>
<r:here><strong><r:title /></strong></r:here>
<r:selected><strong><a href="<r:path />"><r:title /></a></strong></r:selected>

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