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1 parent 64b7091 commit 82ce7a3fcae7b9cf558ced1f0b7eeb9623c717da @will-r will-r committed Sep 20, 2010
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  1. +1 −1 lib/radiant/extension_loader.rb
2 lib/radiant/extension_loader.rb
@@ -163,7 +163,7 @@ def all_extension_roots
if defined?(Bundler)
Bundler.load.dependencies_for(:default, Rails.env).select{|dep| =~ /radiant-.*-extension/}.inject(roots) do |paths,dep|
- paths.tap { |p| p << spec =, :requirement => (dep.requirement)).specification.full_gem_path }
+ paths.tap { |p| p << spec =, :requirement => dep.requirement).specification.full_gem_path }

2 comments on commit 82ce7a3

Radiant CMS dev team member
jomz commented on 82ce7a3 Mar 31, 2011

hi Will,

I'm currently pair-programming with somebody who also wants bundler support for the rails 2.x version..
Did you get this working? And if so, why is this not merged into the master branch?


Hi Benny,

It would load bundled gem extensions, but I don't think I had it working properly with repository paths, which was what I really wanted. There are a lot of assumptions in the extension loader about the naming and location of files and I decided in the end that it probably wouldn't work cleanly until rails 3 shook everything up. That might not be true any more: there has been some work since then on retrieving rake tasks and migrations from gem extensions.

Partial support is fairly easy, I think. Transparent bundler compatibility much harder.

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