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Relax rack requirement.

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commit d2e5908e0edb985ceda812d336ef88d256677681 1 parent 81b4190
@sj26 sj26 authored
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  1. +1 −1  radiant.gemspec
2  radiant.gemspec
@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ a general purpose content managment system--not merely a blogging engine.}
s.add_dependency "delocalize", "~> 0.2.3"
s.add_dependency "haml", "~> 3.1.1"
s.add_dependency "highline", "1.6.2"
- s.add_dependency "rack", "~> 1.1.1"
+ s.add_dependency "rack", "~> 1.1"
s.add_dependency "rack-cache", "~> 1.0.2"
s.add_dependency "rake", ">= 0.8.7"
s.add_dependency "radius", "~> 0.7.1"

5 comments on commit d2e5908


@sj26 what was your motivation for this? Now that rack 1.4 is out, @johnmuhl reports that this causes problems.
What's the highest working version that you need?


We're using 1.2.something, perhaps change to ~> 1.1, < 1.4?


The dependency for actionpack 2.3.14 is rack '~> 1.1.0'
How is it, or why are you using 1.2?


We run on passenger which pre-loads rack so can't isolate the version per-application. All our other applications are using 1.2. I modified the vendored actioncontroller to relax that dependency also.

It's not working so well, thinking about migrating the app to not-radiant, dependency hell is causing too many problems. :-(


ok. We're going to revert this. If you've hacked your gems then it's not radiant's job to change to support that

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