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i18n Vendored Rails Translations #173

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Looks like the vendored rails is still using the double moustache syntax of translations, eg:


This is fixed in 2.3.10 of actionpack, could we look at upgrading edge?

Radiant CMS dev team member

As far as I understand, there is a bug in a version of rack that rails requires in 2.3.10 which truncates the contents of textareas.


Ahhh lame. I was looking for a reason why we hadn't upgraded.

Should I manually fix these and send a pull least that fixes the immediate issue?

Radiant CMS dev team member

that'd be fine with me.


I tried to put in a sort of monkeypatch for the i18n and found it's not that easy. The much easier option is to downgrade your i18n gem to 0.3.7, if other projects will allow. Perhaps we should vendor that, temporarily?


cheers, i'll see what I can sort out :-)


You can create a preinitializer.rb file and stick it in your config folder to take care of this. See


We're on 2.3.11 now so this shouldn't be a problem any more.

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