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Configuration option defaults.snippet.filter #174

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What I've Done

I have added a configuration option to Radiant::Config called 'defaults.snippet.filter' to match the existing ''.

As the title suggests, this option would allow a site administrator, extension developer, etc. to set the default filter for all snippets to something other than "None."

How to use it

In config/environment.rb or in an extension one might write:

Radiant::Config['defaults.snippet.filter'] = 'Markdown' if Radiant::Config.table_exists?

Radiant CMS dev team member

I'm also working on fixing the spec to include this, but I can't test it on my current dev setup (rvm madness).

@SamWhited SamWhited Updated the snippet's spec to check that the filter will follow the d…

filter and to make sure the default filter will not overwrite filters which have
been manually set
Radiant CMS dev team member

And now I've done it. I think that should work, but the second commit is w/o proper testing.

Radiant CMS dev team member

Rebased into one commit and merged.

This issue was closed.
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