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Unbreak handling of Ctrl-RightArrow in the editor window #331

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I use Ctrl+ArrowKeys heavily when editing text to jump word-by-word, and noticed that Radiant's editor breaks jump-forward functionality - nothing happens.

After digging around for a while I nailed it to the accesskey handler. It will attempt to find accesskeys anywhere on the page, even nonsensical ones. While not a perfect solution, this fixes my immediate issue.

I think a proper solution would require sanity-checking the incoming keyCode values, as noted in the patch.

@saturnflyer saturnflyer merged commit c21d7df into radiant:master
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Commits on Apr 11, 2012
  1. Unbreak handling of Ctrl-RightArrow in the editor window

    Anchor Systems authored
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  1. +7 −1 public/javascripts/admin/shortcuts.js
8 public/javascripts/admin/shortcuts.js
@@ -3,8 +3,14 @@ var ShortcutKeysBehavior = Behavior.create({
var character = String.fromCharCode(event.keyCode);
if(!event.shiftKey && !character.blank())
character = character.toLowerCase();
+ // Blindly passing RIGHT_ARROW through fromCharCode() returns a single-quote character (ascii decimal 39).
+ // I suspect that causes a bad string interpolation when evaluating `button`.
+ // Adding double-quotes to the accesskey spec seems to fix it.
+ // Now of course now keyCode 34 (double-quote in ascii decimal) will cause a problem... but your browser will likely catch Ctrl+PgDn anyway
+ // We should only evaluate keyCodes that can come from printable characters, now sure how feasible that is.
+ // Eg.
if(event.ctrlKey && event.keyCode != 17){
- var button = $$('input[accesskey='+character+']')[0];
+ var button = $$('input[accesskey="'+character+'"]')[0];
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