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Clean up bundler requires. #332

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I think this is the best approach, it doesn't explicitly require Bundler and all the other checks should really be done in the gemspec IMO. The main problem I had that prompted me to make this pull request is the fact that you guys completely assume that I use Gemfile and kill my predefined BUNDLE_GEMFILE so now I am either stuck with the badly named Gemfile instead of gemfile.rb that I would prefer for my projects. At the least I think it should not overwrite BUNDLE_GEMFILE.


thanks @envygeeks! would you be able to address what @gerrit mentioned?


Sorry for the delay, been extremely busy these past months, I've updated it... though I don't know if the RADIANT_NOWARNINGS will fly with ya'll considering it's an undocumented refactor to the way Radiant acts, but I like the idea of being able to silence Radiant warnings like that when some users might not prefer bundler.


This pull request passes (merged c98a2ed8 into 60ac92e).


This pull request passes (merged 9e7e703 into 60ac92e).

@saturnflyer saturnflyer merged commit f927223 into radiant:master
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Commits on Jun 30, 2012
  1. @envygeeks

    Clean up bundler requires.

    envygeeks authored
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Showing with 15 additions and 16 deletions.
  1. +15 −16 config/preinitializer.rb
31 config/preinitializer.rb
@@ -1,19 +1,18 @@
- require "rubygems"
- require "bundler"
-rescue LoadError
- raise "Could not load the bundler gem. Install it with `gem install bundler`."
+ENV['BUNDLE_GEMFILE'] ||= File.expand_path('../../Gemfile', __FILE__)
+# Lessens Debians need to edit.
+require "rubygems" rescue nil
-if <="1.0.0")
- raise RuntimeError, "Your bundler version is too old for Rails 2.3. " +
- "Run `gem install bundler` to upgrade."
+# Since Bundler is not really a 'must have' for Rails development just send off
+# a warning and see if the sytem continues to load, the user can optionally use
+# RADIANT_NOWARNINGS to disable it.
- # Set up load paths for all bundled gems
- ENV["BUNDLE_GEMFILE"] = File.expand_path("../../Gemfile", __FILE__)
- Bundler.setup
-rescue Bundler::GemNotFound => e
- raise RuntimeError, "Bundler couldn't find some gems: #{e}. Did you run `bundle install`?"
+if File.file?(ENV['BUNDLE_GEMFILE'])
+ begin
+ require 'bundler/setup'
+ rescue LoadError
+ unless ENV['RADIANT_NOWARNINGS'] == true
+ $stderr.puts 'WARNING: It seems you do not have Bundler installed.'
+ $stderr.puts 'WARNING: You can install it by doing `gem install bundler`'
+ end
+ end
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