Contributing Code

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Tickets are fine, but patches are better. If you want to change something in Radiant or fix a bug you’ve run across, there’s no faster way to make it happen than to do it yourself. When developing your patch, keep in mind the The Radiant Ethic.

  1. Before you start:
  2. Get Radiant ready for patching:
    • git clone git://
    • git submodule init && git submodule update
    • Install the gems you need to run the test suite: sudo rake RAILS_ENV=test gems:install
  3. Make a test-driven change:
    • Add or change specifications that would prove that your change worked.
    • Make the change to the source
    • Verify that all existing specs still work as well as all the new ones you added by running rake
  4. Share your well-tested change:
    • Send a pull-request or create a patch with your changes: git format-patch --stdout > my_properly_named_patch.diff
    • Announce your change on the Radiant-Dev mailing list.
    • Keep an eye on your patch in case there are any reservations raised before it can be applied.