Creating a UL & IMG based Navigation Bar

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Here is the snippet from the Radius tags page for navigation:

<r:navigation urls="[Title: url | Title: url | ...]">
  <r:normal><a href="<r:url />"><r:title /></a></r:normal>
  <r:here><strong><r:title /></strong></r:here>
  <r:selected><strong><a href="<r:url />"><r:title /></a></strong></r:selected>
  <r:between> | </r:between>

Here’s the code augmented to work with a UL, LI images for each link, and a little obtrusive javascript to provide mouse-over image swapping. It assumes nav images are in a subfolder “images/menu” names like “news.gif” and highlighted versions like “news-hv.gif”

<r:navigation urls="Title: /news | Title: /about | Title: /contact">
    <li><a href="<r:url />">
      <img src="/images/menu<r:url/>.gif" alt="<r:url/>" onmouseover="javascript:this.src='/images/menu<r:url />-hv.gif'" onmouseout="javascript:this.src='/images/menu<r:url />.gif'"/>
    <li><a href="<r:url />">
      <img src="/images/menu<r:url/>-hv.gif" alt="<r:url/>" />
    <li><a href="<r:url />">
      <img src="/images/menu<r:url/>-hv.gif" alt="<r:url/>" />
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