Developer Upgrade Notes

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Radiant 0.9

define_routes has been deprecated

Radiant Extensions may now create routes in the extension’s config/routes.rb file.

AdminUI Tab API has changed

Radiant now supports nested navigation. Selecting a tab in the interface will bring you to the first listed navigation item for that tab. You will no longer just add a single tab for each area you need to add. You may add links to existing tabs, or add your own tabs and add links there.
Additionally, tab visibility is no longer determined when adding the tab, but the controllers will be checked for a user’s access to the path specified.


def activate
  admin.tabs.add "Advertisements", "/admin/advertisements", :after => "Layouts", :visibility => [:all]

def activate
  tab "Content" do
    add_item "Advertisements", "/admin/advertisements", :after => "Pages"
  tab "Advertisements" do # or, add your own tab
    add_item "Recently Created", "/admin/advertisements/recent"
    add_item "Expiring", "/admin/advertisements/expiring"

Using the old style “admin.tabs.add” will continue to work in 0.9 (placing links in the “Content” tab) but it is deprecated and will be removed in a future version.
The default tabs are “Content” (consisting of Pages) and “Design” (consisting of Snippets and Layouts).

Be sure to set “only_allow_acces_to” in your controller if you need to restrict access based on a user’s role (see an example in the layouts controller.)

Radiant 0.8.0

1. The default_order plugin has been removed.


order_by :name

default_scope :order => "name ASC"

2. application.rbapplication_controller.rb

application.rb has changed to application_controller.rb in accordance with Rails convention.


require_dependency 'application'


require_dependency 'application_controller'

3. ResponseCacheRadiant::Cache

Remove all references to ResponseCache.

If you want to cache non-page items, simply apply an appropriate Cache-Control header to your response using ActionController’s expires method. Use expires_now to prevent caching.

To manually clear the cache:


Radiant::Cache is built on top of Rack::Cache, which is included in vendor. As a result of this change, SiteController no longer has a show_uncached_page method. All requests to SiteController imply an uncached or expired page.

4. Testing Frameworks: RSpec 1.2.4, Cucumber 0.3.x, Webrat 0.4.4+

Now uses RSpec 1.2.4 (exact version), any 0.3 family version of Cucumber, and Webrat 0.4.4 or greater (in the same family). These are added as gem dependencies to config/environments/test.rb. spec_integration is no longer used.

5. Rails 2.3.2

Rails 2.3.2 is included. Please refer to information on upgrading from Rails 2.1.x for any significant changes there.

Radiant 0.7.x

1. Update to Controller naming convention

Before 0.7.x Radiant used to have things like Admin::PageController and Admin::SnippetController (i.e. singular controller names). .As of Radiant 0.7.0, Radiant now complies with Rails’ naming conventions and uses plural controller names like Admin::PagesController and Admin::SnippetsController.

2. Load test data with Datasets, instead of Scenarios

From 0.6.5 to 0.6.9, Radiant used the scenarios gem to load test data. With version 0.7.0, scenarios were replaced with datasets, which share a very similar API, but enable the test data to load much faster. If you were using scenarios to load test data in your extension before version 7, you need only make a few small modifications to make the switch to datasets.

Look for the following lines in the file spec/spec_helper:

require 'scenarios'

if + "/scenarios")
  Scenario.load_paths.unshift File.dirname(__FILE__) + "/scenarios"

Delete those lines, and replace them with the following line:

Dataset::Resolver.default << (File.dirname(__FILE__) + "/datasets")

You should also replace all references to scenarios with datasets. In particular, look out for the following:

  • rename the spec/scenarios folder to spec/datasets
  • rename all files within the spec/datasets folder ending in _scenario to end with _dataset
  • change all classes which inherit from Scenario::Base to inherit instead from Dataset::Base. The class name itself may also have to change, e.g. class UsersScenario < Scenario::Base would become class UsersDataset < Dataset::Base
  • when loading data into your specs, replace scenario with dataset, e.g. scenario :users would become dataset :users

The API for datasets is identical to that of scenarios, so you should not have to modify the actual dataset files.

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