Git on Windows

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The aim of this article is to give a person unfamiliar with Git a rough guide on how to access extensions, etc. from GitHub.

This guide is based on the absolutely excellent guide written by Kyle Cordes and that should be the reference you should go to if you need more information. GitHub also has a useful guide to Git on Windows. And, Scott Chacon has made a Git on Windows screencast over at GitCasts, which demonstrates setting up mSysGit and some basic Git on Windows workflow.

Installing msysgit

For Windows, the client software is called msysgit (Git on MSys) which you can get from

  1. Download the most recent version
  2. Run the installer
  3. Install it to default location – C:\Program Files\Git
  4. Keep the Windows Explorer Integration with options to Add “Git Bash Here” and Add “Git GUI Here”
  5. For the option to adjust the path, you can use any of the first two options. I use the option to ‘Run Git from the Windows Command Prompt’

Refer to Installing Extensions for the details of installing extensions.

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