Migrating from Mephisto

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There is an extension called import_mephisto which handles the migration. Here are step-by-step instructions:

1. Setup a clean install of Radiant and freeze to the Edge version

Note from page editor: I’ve used this extension twice. Once to test it and that was with the Roasters template and second time, when I was sure it was good to use, with my site on a clean install with empty template.

2. Install the comments extension.

This extension requires will_paginate Rails plugin (check the installation page) and fastercsv 1.2.3 or greater.

If you have will_paginate installed already, add the following at the very bottom of config/environment.rb after the end of the Initializer block:

require "will_paginate"

Next up,

./script/extension install comments

3. Install the import_mephisto extension

./script/extension install import_mephisto

4. Update your database.yml to include an entry for ‘mephisto:’ with details of your Mephisto database.

  adapter: mysql
  database: database_name
  username: user_name
  password: password
  host: localhost

5. Duplicate your config/environments/development.rb and rename it mephisto.rb

cp config/environments/development.rb config/environments/mephisto.rb

6. And finally

rake radiant:extensions:import_mephisto:run

Note from page editor: All my posts (and comments) were transferred from Mephisto but I couldn’t see the posts in the Admin area. This was because all the posts were transfered with @parent_id@’s value of NULL. I had to update the @parent_id to be the same as the Articles page’s id and all is good.

All other assets, such as images were not transferred. Even though, this extension can save you heaps of time and effort :)

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