Multi site with per site login and central user administration

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The purpose of this page is to document the setup of radiant with multisite. With multi site you can host several websites from 1 radiant instance saving costly memory on your server. I found this very hard to setup and hope this documentation will be completed by others and a good start to setup multi-site with radiant. In addition to multi site this page also explains how you can get a per-site scoped admin, so you can create a user that can login to a certain site.I have commented all steps to set this up locally (in my case OSX)

Radiant edge installation

#Install a regular Radiant version 9.x edge latest version and edit database.yml

sudo gem install radiant
radiant --database [mysql|postresql|sqlite3|sqlserver|db2] path/to/project
cd /path/to/project
vi /config/database.yml
rake development db:bootstrap
rake radiant:freeze:edge && rake radiant:update && rake db:migrate

Setup hosts file & Git

#Edit your hosts file ( on OSX /etc/hosts) and add like below line to add domains

sudo vi /etc/hosts domain1 domain2 domain3 admin

#Inside your /path/to/project initialize GIT

git init .

Multisite and scoped admin extensions

#Install spanners multi site extension

git submodule add git:// vendor/extensions/multi_site
rake radiant:extensions:multi_site:migrate
rake radiant:extensions:multi_site:update

#Install spanners scoped admin extension

git submodule add git:// vendor/extensions/scoped_admin
rake radiant:extensions:scoped_admin:migrate

Setup radiant and create domains

Now the basics are setup, we should create our domains inside radiant, first we start the radiant project inside /path/to/project

#Start radiant

/script/server -e production
#Go to the multisite page

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