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Tags Extension

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The tags extension allows us to tag our posts (and all other pages) and provides some handy Radiant tags to display tags.

The tags extension is not available through the extension registry so you will need to refer to the manual installation instructions. More information might be available on the Tags extension page

This extension allows two options, complex and simple tags. With simple tags each tag is delimitated by a space, while with complex
tags the semi-colon is used. So to use multi word tags you need to use complex tags. To do so add the following to your environment.rb.

Radiant::Config['tags.complex_strings'] = true

This extension also adds a “Tag Search” page type, where you will end up when you click on a tag. You have to create this page and set the path to it in the config file. It defaults to /search/by-tag/. Changing it to tags:

Radiant::Config['tags.results_page_url'] = "/tags/"

This extension also provides lots of great Radius tags for tag clouds, listing tags, etc. check out the help page for more info.

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