index sitemap column headers error

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You have installed or upgraded Radiant and run the migrations and update scripts. The site works perfectly except the main Pages administration page. When you view this page, instead ot the page list you see:

index_sitemap_column_headers' default partial not found!

The Problem

You most probably have Shards or another extension installed which is interfering with the display of the page list. This is particularly so if you upgraded a site that was built using an earlier version of Radiant + the Shards extension and you have upgraded to a newer version of Radiant (0.6.7, 0.6.9 or later) that has the Shards functionality integrated and does not require the Shards extension to be installed any more.

The Solution

Check the “Extensions” page. If you have the Shards extension then uninstall it and restart the server. Should this not fix the issue then disable all the extensions by setting:

config.extensions = []

in your environment.rb then re-enabling them one by one by adding their name, e.g. config.extensions = [:extension1] and restarting the server to see if the Pages admin page breaks, this will identify the problem extension.