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Radiant Earth

Increasing shared understanding of our world by expanding access to geospatial data and machine learning models.

Radiant Earth is a nonprofit technology company working to expand access to geospatial data and machine learning models that can be used to address the impacts of climate change and support conservation efforts.

Our primary initiatives:

Source Cooperative

Source Cooperative is a new data publishing utility that allows trusted organizations and individuals to share data products with one another using standard HTTP methods. It is currently in beta development. If you’d like to be a beta tester, please fill out this form.

Source Cooperative is the next generation of Radiant MLHub, our library dedicated to open Earth observation training data. Access open datasets and machine learning models from NASA, Planet, University of Maryland and others at

Cloud-Native Geospatial Foundation

The Cloud-Native Geospatial Foundation is a forthcoming initiative to increase adoption of highly efficient approaches to working with geospatial data in public cloud environments.

Our overarching goals with the Cloud-Native Geospatial Foundation are to make geospatial data easier to work with, more interoperable, and accessible to more people worldwide. Learn more at


  1. stac-spec stac-spec Public

    SpatioTemporal Asset Catalog specification - making geospatial assets openly searchable and crawlable

    JavaScript 693 178

  2. radiant-mlhub radiant-mlhub Public

    A Python client for the Radiant MLHub API (

    Python 49 9

  3. mlhub-tutorials mlhub-tutorials Public

    Tutorials to access Radiant MLHub Training Datasets

    Jupyter Notebook 177 116

  4. stac-api-spec stac-api-spec Public

    SpatioTemporal Asset Catalog API specification - an API to make geospatial assets openly searchable and crawlable

    JavaScript 182 38

  5. ground-referencing-guide ground-referencing-guide Public

    Best practices for ground reference data collection and cataloguing

    19 3

  6. stac-browser stac-browser Public

    A full-fledged UI in Vue for browsing and searching static STAC catalogs and STAC APIs

    Vue 225 106


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