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The STAC / OGC API Sprint is taking place November 5-7 in Arlington, VA.

Check the agenda for the main schedule.

This folder will evolve to hold various workspaces, and currently has three main spaces:

prep-work/ - Lists of topics to be covered at the sprint, being fleshed out with info to read and think about ahead of time, and overviews of the states of various discussions. Also includes sections for implementation work, for people to post what they want to work on or what they want help with.

spec-work - Guidance and templates for specification work to be done in the sprint, so that it can easily evolve to official parts of the OGC API collection of API's, components and extensions.

group-work - Workspace for information in-development. This is material which has advanced past the prep-work phase but is not mature enough to be included in the spec-work.

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