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Sample web based demo using Radiant.Earth's platform
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This repository contains source codes for buidling a web based demo from Radiant.Earth's platform similar to our demos website ( The demo in this repository uses the NDVI change tool to detect changes in vegetation cover after Hurricane Maria.

Getting Started

You need Python 2.x to build and run this demo.

To get up and running, run npm install in your CLI in the project directory.

Then run yarn and yarn build.

Then run grunt. Your browser should automatically open localhost:3000.

That's it. You are good to go.


Grunt Plugins

Grunt Browser Sync

Live reload and browser syncing. This will automatically open localhost:3001 and you can access broswesync settings at localhost:3002

Grunt Contrib Watch

Run predefined tasks whenever watched file patterns are added, changed or deleted. Currently this will compile sass and run postcss tasks

Grunt Postcss

Applies several post-processors to your CSS using PostCSS. Currently will run Autoprfixer and cssnano immediately after sass compiling

Grunt Sass

Compile Sass to CSS using node-sass/libsass

Load Grunt Config

Allows us to break up the Gruntfile config by task. Makes for a cleaner Gruntfile

Load Grunt Tasks

Load multiple grunt tasks using globbing patterns.

Time Grunt

Display the elapsed execution time of grunt tasks

Grunt Newer

Not Currently In Use Run Grunt tasks with only those source files modified since the last successful run.

Grunt Concurrent

Under Consideration Run grunt tasks concurrently




This demo is built using on an initial mini-app development from Raster Foundry team (

Imagery used in the examples are provided by Planet (

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