A Vue-based STAC browser intended for static + dynamic deployment
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STAC Browser

This is a Spatio-Temporal Asset Catalog (STAC) browser for static catalogs. It attempts to surface all included data in a user-centric way (an approach which can inform how data is represented in the evolving spec). It is implemented as a single page application (SPA) for ease of development and to limit the overall number of catalog reads necessary when browsing (as catalogs may be nested and do not necessarily contain references to their parents).


By default, stac-browser will browse the ISERV catalog. To browse your own, set CATALOG_URL when building.

npm install
CATALOG_URL=http://path/to/catalog.json npm start -- --open


CATALOG_URL=http://path/to/catalog.json npm run build


tk - something about how the catalog (src/components/Catalog.vue) / sub-catalog (src/components/Catalog.vue) / item (src/components/Item.vue) templates are laid out

Why Vue?

This is my (Seth's) first Vue app. I've previously built a number of React SPAs and have helped maintain + create apps with Backbone, D3, jQuery, and others, though I'm mostly a server-side guy.

Of these, React (with Webpack) has provided me with the best development experience, especially for apps with relatively complex functionality.

However, when approaching the problem of building a STAC browser intended for others to (easily) contribute to and run against their own catalogs (both dynamically and when generating a static site), I wanted something with relative self-contained HTML and CSS (so that those unfamiliar with Vue wouldn't need to face JavaScript when making minor changes). Vue's single file components fit the bill.

For pre-rendering catalogs, chrisvfritz/prerender-spa-plugin looks like a promising way to use headless Chrome (puppeteer) to generate HTML for ease of search engine indexing.

If you're interested in experimenting with a STAC browser built with different JS frameworks, check out: