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@matthewhanson matthewhanson released this Jan 3, 2020 · 120 commits to master since this release

[v0.9.0-rc1] - 2020-01-06


  • ItemCollection requires stac_version field, stac_extensions has also been added
  • A description field has been added to Item assets (also Asset definitions extension).
  • Field mission to Common Metadata fields.
  • Extensions:
    • Version Indicators extension, adds version and deprecated fields to STAC Items and Collections
    • Data Cube extension can be used in Collections, added new field description
    • Added description and roles fields to the Asset in the Asset Extension
    • Projection Extension to describe Items with Assets that have an associated geospatial projection.
    • Added the Item and Collection API Version extension to support versioning in the API specification
    • Run npm run serve or npm run serve-ext to quickly render development versions of the OpenAPI spec in the browser.


  • Support for CommonMark 0.29 instead of CommonMark 0.28
  • Collection field property and the merge ability moved to a new extension 'Commons'
  • Added attribute roles to Item assets (also Asset definitions extension), to be used similarly to Link rel.
  • Updated API yaml to clarify bbox filter should be implemented without brackets. Example: bbox=160.6,-55.95,-170,-25.89
  • Collection summaries merge array fields now.
  • Several fields have been moved from extensions or item fields to the Common Metadata fields:
    • eo:platform / sar:platform => platform
    • eo:instrument / sar:instrument => instruments, also changed from string to array of strings
    • eo:constellation / sar:constellation => constellation
    • dtr:start_datetime => start_datetime
    • dtr:end_datetime => end_datetime
  • Extensions:
    • Data Cube extension: Changed allowed formats (removed PROJ string, added PROJJSON / WKT2) for reference systems
    • Checksum extension is now using self-identifiable hashes (Multihash)
    • Changed sar:type to sar:product_type and sar:polarization to sar:polarizations in the SAR extension
    • The endpoint /stac has been merged with /
    • The endpoint /stac/search is now called /search
    • Sort Extension - added non-JSON query/form parameter format
    • Fields extension has a simplified format for GET parameters
    • search extension renamed to context extension. JSON object renamed from search:metadata to context
    • Removed "next" from the search metadata and query parameter, added POST body and headers to the links for paging support
    • Query Extension - type restrictions on query predicates are more accurate, which may require additional implementation support.


  • version field in STAC Collections. Use Version Extension instead
  • summaries field from Catalogs. Use Collections instead
  • Asset Types (pre-defined values for the keys of individual assets, not media types) in Items. Use the asset's roles instead.
  • license field doesn't allow SPDX expressions any longer. Use various and links instead.
  • Extensions:
    • eo:platform, eo:instrument, eo:constellation from EO extension, and sar:platform, sar:instrument, sar:constellation from the SAR extension
    • Removed from EO extension field eo:epsg in favor of proj:epsg
    • gsd and accuracy from eo:bands in the EO extension
    • sar:absolute_orbit and sar:center_wavelength fields from the SAR extension
    • data_type and unit from the sar:bands object in the SAR extension
    • Datetime Range (dtr) extension. Use the Common Metadata fields instead.
    • next from the search metadata and query parameter, added POST body and headers to the links for paging support


  • The license field in Item and Collection spec explicitly mentions that the value proprietary without a link means that the data is private.
  • Clarified how to fill stac_extensions.
  • More clarifications; typos fixed
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