An ad-blocker detection plugin for Radiant Media Player
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This is an ad-blocker detection plugin for Radiant Media Player.

It uses BlockAdBlock to detect ad-blocker in modern browsers and display a customizable message to your audience when an ad-blocker is detected. This works with HTML5 and Flash video and has been tested to work against popular ad-blocker like Adblock Plus and AdBlock browsers plugins.

According to Wikipedia: "As of Q2 2015, 45 million Americans were using ad blockers. In a survey research study released Q2 2016, MetaFacts reported 72 million Americans, 12.8 million adults in the UK, and 13.2 million adults in France were using ad blockers on their PCs, Smartphones, or Tablets."

An ad-blocker detection strategy should be in any project serious about making legitimate revenue with video ads.

We provide open-source JavaScript and CSS files for you to customize this plugin or use it as so.


See index.html for a working example. You will need to input your Radiant Media Player RMP edition license key in order for it to work properly.


An example of this ad-block plugin at work can be found here:


Issues should be submitted in this GitHub page. We will do our best to review them.


This plugin is released under MIT

BlockAdBlock is also released under MIT

Radiant Media Player has its own license which can be found here: