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This is a countdown plugin for Radiant Media Player.

It uses jQuery.countdown to display a countdown timer. Once the countdown ends the player is displayed automatically without the need to reload the page. If a viewer loads the page after the countdown has ended the player is displayed immediately.

It can for example be used to display a waiting poster/message before a live event. It can also be used for on-demand video in the case of a product/service launch.

This is a bare-bone implementation and serves as a start point for more advanced use cases. JavaScript and CSS source files are provided for customization.

By default this plugin uses the local time of the viewer device/computer to adjust the timer for countdown. More advanced options like using time zone aware countdown can be found here.


See index.html for a working example. You will need to input your Radiant Media Player license key or use the player with our free edition settings in order for it to work properly.


An example of this countdown plugin in waiting mode can be found here:


Issues should be submitted in this GitHub page. We will do our best to review them.


This plugin is released under MIT

jQuery and jQuery.countdown are also released under MIT

Radiant Media Player has its own license which can be found here: