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// NibLoadable.swift
// Radiant Tap Essentials
// Copyright © 2016 Radiant Tap
// MIT License ·
import UIKit
/// Adopt this protocol on all subclasses of UITableViewCell and UICollectionViewCell
/// that use their own .xib file
public protocol NibLoadableView {
/// By default, it returns the subclass name
static var nibName: String { get }
/// Instantiates UINib using `nibName` as the name, from the main bundle
static var nib: UINib { get }
extension NibLoadableView where Self: UIView {
public static var nibName: String {
return String(describing: self)
public static var nib: UINib {
return UINib(nibName: self.nibName, bundle: nil)
public protocol NibReusableView : ReusableView, NibLoadableView {}
/// Adopt this in cases where you need to create an ad-hoc instance of the given view
/// Can be adopted only by classes marked as `final`, due to `Self` constraint
public protocol NibLoadableFinalView: NibLoadableView {
/// Creates an instance of the cell from the `nibName`.xib file
static var nibInstance : Self { get }
extension NibLoadableFinalView {
public static var nibInstance : Self {
guard let nibObject = self.nib.instantiate(withOwner: nil, options: nil).last as? Self else {
fatalError("Failed to create an instance of \(self) from \(self.nibName) nib.")
return nibObject
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