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Builds Fedora 21 on Docker or Vagrant
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Docker Containers for Scientific Codes

RadiaSoft provides the following Docker images to support scientific computing.


The best way to install is to use our automated downloader. For example, to use sirepo:

mkdir sirepo
cd sirepo
curl | bash

If you are running Windows, you will have to run this command in a virtual machine or use the Sirepo development install.


The follow container images are available:


All Docker images contain an /rsmanifest.json file, which documents the image: name, type, verison, and uri.

radiasoft/beamsim contains the source code for all the beam simulation codes it installs. All codes are documented in /home/vagrant/rsmanifest.json.


To build docker image, clone the appropriate container repo and run:

git clone
cd container-beamsim
radia_run container-build

The command will finish with instructions how to get the images into docker hub.

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