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How Example simulations work

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Sirepo comes with a number of preinstalled simulations, so you don’t always have to build one from scratch or import a new file.

These ready-made simulations sit in the Examples folder, which is located on the home screen of your Sirepo workspace. (Examples from Sirepo/elegant are pictured below.)

The Examples folder is designated by a star, whereas any folders you add will not have a star.

Below are the example simulations for Sirepo/elegant.

All Example simulation files are also designated by a star on their icon.

These examples often model well-known beamlines or X-ray sources, and vary based on the code you’re using.

If a certain Example simulation configuration is close to the one you want for your model, you can make a copy and adjust it to your liking.

For example, if you want to simulate the Los Alamos Proton Storage Ring, you can copy that file and make parameter adjustments without building a new simulation from scratch or importing a lattice file.

Making a copy of an Example file

To make a copy of an Example simulation, right click on the file click Open as a New Copy.

Then rename the simulation and click on Create Copy.

Discarding changes to an example simulation

Example simulations can be reset to their original parameters using the Discard Changes to Example function. (Note that this is not true of regular simulations, so if you have to preserve a particular version of a simulation be sure to make a copy of it first.)

Find this option under the settings, or cog, icon in the top right of the Sirepo workspace menu bar.

When you click, a popup window will ask you to confirm resetting the simulation.

Click Discard Changes. Your browser window will then refresh, and the simulation will be reset to its default parameters.