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How Your Sirepo Workspace Works

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Once you log into a code app on Sirepo, you’re met with a page like this one for the code elegant:

This is your personal workspace.

We’ve populated this workspace with some example simulations. These typically sit under the Examples folder. When you make new simulations, you can organize them into whatever file and folder structure you prefer.

Let’s take a look around.

Home Screen Tabs

On the home screen for your workspace, you have a few tabs to help you get started and organized.

  • Simulations: This is the default screen and where all your simulation files and folders live.

  • New Simulation: This tab lets you create a new simulation. You can name it, file it appropriately, and add any notes you might have.

  • New Folder: This allows you to create new folders for your simulations. You create a file name and place it under a parent folder for better organization.

  • Import: This tab allows you to import an existing simulation. In this example for elegant, supported files include Command files (.ele), lattices (.lte, .madx), or Sirepo exports (.zip). Simply locate the desired file and click Import File.

Help Icon

In the upper right corner sits the “?” icon. This is how you can access help resources, report a bug, and more.

User Profile Icon

On the rightmost side of the top bar sites your user icon.

It displays your name and the email address associated with your account. From here you can sign out or access your current and past jobs. (A “job” is an instance of running a simulation.)

Files and Folders

All your files and folders live under the Simulations tab on the top left of menu bar. Just like on your computer, you organize your simulations in files and folders on Sirepo. The left-hand menu is an expandable folder structure.

You can view it as icons or as a list (both pictured below).

As you add more simulations, they will show up on both the sidebar and the right side of the screen.

This is the basic layout for all Sirepo workspaces, but some things (like Example folders) will change app to app. Now you will be able to navigate the top level of your Sirepo workspace with ease.

For a walkthrough of the interface for Simulations, we recommend reading Navigating the Sirepo Simulations Interface.

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