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SRW Fiber

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The information about Boron Fiber optical element can be found at

"Experimental characterization of X-ray transverse coherence in the presence of beam transport optics"

O Chubar, A Fluerasu, Y S Chu, L Berman, L Wiegart, W-K Lee and J Baltser

Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume 425, Part 5

In Sirepo we provide two simulations similar to ones in the above-mentioned paper:

Simulation Name SRW Sirepo
Boron Fiber (CRL with 3 lenses)
Boron Fiber (CRL with 4 lenses)

See Dynamical-access-of-crystal-data-and-optical-constants-from-external-servers for details about automatic accessing the optical constants from

Contributors: @DmitrySmalyuk, @mrakitin

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