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Framework for Assessing Changes To Sea-level (FACTS)


The Framework for Assessing Changes To Sea-level (FACTS) is an open-source modular, scalable, and extensive framework for global mean, regional, and extreme sea level projection that is designed to support the characterization of ambiguity in sea-level projections. It is designed so users can easily explore deep uncertainty by investigating the implications on GMSL, RSL, and ESL of different choices for different processes. Its modularity allows components to be represented by either simple or complex model. Because it is built upon the Radical-PILOT computing stack, different modules can be dispatched for execution on resources appropriate to their computational complexity.

FACTS is being developed by the Earth System Science & Policy Lab and the RADICAL Research Group at Rutgers University. FACTS is released under the MIT License.

See for documentation.

For model description, see Kopp, R. E., Garner, G. G., Hermans, T. H. J., Jha, S., Kumar, P., Reedy, A., Slangen, A. B. A., Turilli, M., Edwards, T. L., Gregory, J. M., Koubbe, G., Levermann, A., Merzky, A., Nowicki, S., Palmer, M. D., & Smith, C. (2023). The Framework for Assessing Changes To Sea-Level (FACTS) v1.0: A platform for characterizing parametric and structural uncertainty in future global, relative, and extreme sea-level change. Geoscientific Model Development, 16, 7461–7489.