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RADICAL-Pilot (RP) is a Pilot system written in Python and specialized in executing applications composed of many computational tasks on high performance computing (HPC) platforms. As a Pilot system, RP separates resource acquisition from using those resources to execute application tasks. Resources are acquired by submitting a job to the batch system of an HPC machine. Once the job is scheduled on the requested resources, RP can directly schedule and launch application tasks on those resources. Thus, tasks are not scheduled via the batch system of the HPC platform, but directly on the acquired resources.


Full system description and usage examples are available at:

Additional information is provided in the wiki section of RP GitHub repository.


Generally, the master branch reflects the RP release published on PyPI, and is considered stable: it should work 'out of the box' for the supported backends. For a list of supported backends, please refer to the documentation.

The devel branch (and any branch other than master) may not correspond to the published documentation and, specifically, may have dependencies which need to be resolved manually.

Integration Tests status

These badges show the state of the current integration tests on different HPCs RADICAL Pilot supports

ORNL Summit Integration Tests PSC Bridges2 Integration Tests